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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

All in a Book…

I have been so happy with the reading that has been going on in our home school this year among young and old alike.  My sixth grader took off on many of the Bethlehem Books series by Hilda van Stockum; I'm so pleased he loves her writing ~ this will make it easier when it comes to the historical fiction she wrote that he will be reading down the road.  This son's reading list stacked up like this: The Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt, The Golden Goblet, Pyramid,  Andries, The Mitchell's Five for Victory, Canadian Summer, The Cottage at Bantry Bay, Francie on the Run, Pegeen, The Cricket in Times name a few I can recall. 

My youngest son is reading many child bible stories as well as the series Nate the Great and Flat Stanley.  In fact, we have made a project of Flat Stanley, at the suggestion of a friend, and we've made a Flat image of this son that has been sent away by mail on journey around the USA.  We are excited to see what adventures he has!  

Our oldest daughter, preparing to graduate from our home school and been accepted at college has had quite a bit of heavy reading in her curriculum, rightly so in her Advanced Government & Economics course, religion - which includes thorough doctrine and encyclical readings, (government included that too!), and even in her health course, more encyclical readings....I couldn't think of a better way to prepare one for college level work than reading and analyzing papal encyclicals!  Quite seriously, the intelligence behind these writings is truly amazing in depth and breadth and wisdom.  Along with these kinds of courses, I have my older children read two books authored by Gavin de Becker:  The Gift of Fear, and Protecting the Gift.  Both are written as guides to the world out there....keeping safe, using intuition and "gut feelings" to keep one safe and how to protect those feelings that God has blessed mankind with in order to help safe-guard him on his way.  I gleaned so much for these books myself, I will also continue to have my older children read them before graduating from school and moving out more into the "world" at large.
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God bless and have a wonderful day wherever you are!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Books must be on the brain! I am posting about a book I read to my middles the other night.
I always like to hear what your kids are reading - it helps me know what my kids SHOULD be reading!

Denise said...

We love Bethlehem Books picks - they are so good and non-offensive. Mike loves the Hilda van Stockum stories - don't tell him but he's getting A Day on Skates (of all things) for Easter, by van Stockum :) I just like to keep them reading -- it's healthy and good for their minds and informative. Thx!