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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Children that Read

I’m always so pleased when my children are reading, reading, reading.  Lately, I’m keeping my eye on my 11 yr old son who has just taken off on novel reading – one after another.  Good books, such as those I’ve mentioned in a previous post.  The last Hilda van Stockum book he is tackling and enjoying greatly is: The Winged Watchman.
Next, I have the Letzenstein Chronicles lined up for this son.  Now that he’s polished off 10 novels in a row, he can certainly enjoy this series into the summer.  There is actually four books in the series, but the book provider I linked to, only shows two of them.  I was able to locate the other two in the series and being the thrifty book buyer I am – because we buy oodles of literature – I was able to find them at for ridiculously great prices. 
Next our older daughter was needing just a little something special to read into testing times when she goes for her standardized testing in early May with the local home school group.  For this I chose another great Bethlehem Book publicationPresenting Miss Jane Austen; just for fun!
Lately, I have had to make children turn out their lights and really go to sleep as I’ve caught them up reading into the early morning hours!  This is both good and bad of course.  I’d rather catch them doing something such as reading good literature (gasp!) late at night in place of texting, hanging on the laptop or watching the TV – all of which are regulated in this home anyway. 
So, got books?!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Books are the addiction/spoil/splurge of choice around here, too. They are the only thing each child got when we got our income tax back! Haha - We had a great time picking them out and waiting for them to arrive!
Kolbe asked for the Pirates of the Caribbean. Not exactly great lit, but he has been soaking them up.
Jonah got the Redwall Series by Bryan Jaques. I don't think he's started it yet, but they came highly recommended by Meg's boyfriend, so we thought we'd try them.
Kenzie got some popular fiction, and Jenna got the Lilly Series, another fiction series that is Christian. She is loving those books!
The little boys all got Berenstain Bears, but the newer, Christian ones. They are really sweet and lovely. They are the same as the old ones, but the Christianity is more pronounced and bible verses are included to back up the theme. Written by Jan and son Mike, Berenstain.
I need to check into all the stuff you have your kids read. Where do you find it? I mean, I have the kids read the classics, or I read them to them, but so many of the ones you post, I have never heard of. So funny, because we own THOUSANDS of books!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Oh yes, we are Redwall experts here :) Ask Doug - he even belonged to the Fan club all those years from about middle school and up. Michael isn't quite interested in those yet - but Brian Jacques is a good writer - may he RIP. He passed away this last year. I think with books, you have to meet the kids where they are at and them lead them gently from there into good literature that you want them to read or gain moral character/values from. We start with little readers like Nate the Great and Flat Stanley -- Cam Jansen and Jigsaw Jones....Little House books, then I move them into E.B White and can't wait for them to graduate into Bethlehem Books. They read alot of those for Living Historical Fiction for history -- which is very helpful. Michael learned quite a bit about WWII recently, although his history this year was Ancient Eygpt -- he read several lit books on that too! Just keep them reading ~ sounds like we have pretty big book bills! lol!