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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September ends

Where has this month gone?  I don’t think I’ve ever had a September fly by quite so fast before, but then maybe it’s just a sign of how busy this month really has been.

We began our schooling Sept 12, and it seems to be going well.  I see the need for some added adjustments here and there, mostly added work in areas that Mark needs more practice.  We are using some great resources this year in addition to our core studies and that is making school fresh and interesting.  We love our timeline (see post_HERE_)  and Michael is doing a lot of his history through living books,  loving and learning through great literature.


So, Michael’s history study this year is ancient Greece and Rome; right now it’s focusing on Greece.  And these Jeanne Bendick books are so great to use for history study, I am just so happy with great literature that teaches lessons and elevates the reader’s language. 

We are also using this great little resource for reviewing and practicing cursive penmanship and incorporating art study, AND it’s correlated with Greece and Rome historical facts and architecture – who knew!? lol!  what a great little addition to this history study!  I just wish I had found this resource YEARS EARLIER!! I would have been using it all along.

Draw and Write Through History: Greece & Rome

You can see several more of these resources for different levels and different history eras at this LINK

In addition to our regular studies, the children have also started back to their religious education classes at our parish, and I am once again teaching 2nd grade (for the 18th year now…)….wow, where has the time gone!?  This year I have my youngest son in class with me; he is doing well, and it’s interesting and good for me to see him compared to his neuro-typical peer-mates, as he has high functioning autism.  We continue to go to language expression/communication therapy for him, weekly.  We’ve run into a few glitches this year, namely recently, the dentist.  Mark has a cavity and it needs addressed within a certain amount of time but he did not cooperate with the dentist a couple weeks ago for the filling.  I have a few options, none of which I’m too thrilled about, but will pray further and accept what may be the resolution.

Weighing in on things….

I have also put Mark on a restricted low fat diet, just to see if we can taper him down some to make the neurology visit more successful in early December.  She was concerned about his chunkiness – it’s adorable there is no doubt, but maybe he would be more coordinated and do better physically with a little less chunk.  I’m okay with that, although in time it would disappear as it has on my other children.  So, I tell Mark he is now on the Special K diet :)  We replaced his wanting of three chewy Chips Ahoy cookies for breakfast with Special K cereal bars instead.  Way less calories and far more nutrients.  And by the way, Weight Watchers String Cheese is awesome and delicious!  …and half the calories of regular.

As this month ends for us, we begin October with three family birthdays and an anniversary.  Mark starts the month off on the 1st with his birthday, my mother and brother in law on the 2nd, and our 23rd wedding anniversary on the 8th.  As we make way for a more colorful and beautiful autumn, I look forward to a more relaxed school year, minus college preparation, which took up most of my life and school time for the last four intense years here.   It’s absolutely all worth it as it pays off in students ready to do well in college, but I will not sugar-coat it:  IT IS  A LOT OF WORK! 

God bless you this day and in all you do!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Busy, busy over there, huh? How is Mark adjusting to the diet? I have been limiting Luke on portions, I just worry - he likes food WAY too much! He is getting to be a chunky monkey. So, I tell him no when he asks for seconds on things, and let him get an apple or other fruit instead. I tried this with Liz when she was little - to no avail - Doug never agreed with me about portion sizes for her, nor did her mother, but this kid, I can control his intake! So, he does fine with the suggestion of fruit.
I see your books and things and it makes me wish I were motivated enough to plan out their curriculum, but I have finally recognized that I am not going to do all that, and that something that is handed to me, is much better. I can skip any lessons I don't approve of, and add when I want, but I don't have to plan out what we are going to do everyday, and with 5 students, that is huge to me. I am a book junkie, though, and when I see cool stuff like this, I yearn. But, my basement is FULL of cool stuff like this that we have barely glanced at in 15 years of homeschooling, point in drooling.
Happy anniversary in a few days! Ours in is October as well. 16 years! Where has the time gone, indeed.

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Hi Megan! Mark will eat and eat aand eat without stop, seriously, I made these oversized rolls the other day and left them sitting on the stove top, and every one ate "1", he ate 2 more after the "1" I gave him!..yeh, I wasn't watching him! mea culpa! lol! I have to put things up and away from him - no cookies or sweets in packages on the bottom shelves of the pantry, no more high fat cheese, which is his HUGE downfall...he will eat all and any cheddar, colby-jack...I don't even let him in the Lays' chips anymore, unless they are Baked...and he does like Chex Mix (already bagged), which is low fat, so that's not too bad. He occasionally drinks a pop, but rarely, and mostly when out somewhere, so I've decided on Diet for just that moment because he's not drinking it all the time...but I'd prefer to keep away from the sugar. SOoooooo, his birthday is Saturday and of course CAKE lol! ice cream (sorry folks:( his dad will not like that the most..he is the ice cream bandit around here and whenever Mark sees dad eating ice cream he wants ice cream too...we just have to make a sacrifice and stay away from it or even have it here right now. I don't mind limiting his intake, like you mention with Luke, but it's such a vigilant thing to do...then Michael could use to GAIN weight -- the complete opposite and yet I can't dish out loads of stuff to him, in front of Mark....trouble!!!
Hey, you already have a good school plan....don't need to feel compelled at all...This is my year OFF...really, I am following Modg lesson plans, with some adjustments, but that's it ...I'm taking it more leisurely and not feeling pressured as I have for many years now. I'm chillin'!!!
Thanks for writing!