St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Basking in the afterglow…

A wonderful aromatic fragrance still lingers in the air of my living room today from a beautiful spa experience yesterday evening, that myself and several other of my friends got to participate in.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could really pull off being ready for a get together in my home, or if I was even up to it.  Let’s face it, I’ve become a stick in the mud.  Not by choice, mind you. But,  I will admit I have been down right …..down…..for at least the last year of my life….just trudging through the best I can with daily responsibilities and duties.  I have had little enjoyment, nonetheless joy in anything.  I have been pretty much homebound due to circumstances mostly surrounding my schedule and one son who saw a difficult year with anxiety disorder.  But then, when a friend’s daughter asked if maybe she could come and pamper me and some guests with some lovely products, as she was attempting to get her business going, and it was a great excuse to see us after many years…..I thought, why not?  Even if no one came, I could use the in-home spa experience just for the relief and I have so exhausted any good products and haven’t bought anything of any pure or truly good quality in many years.   Thus came to be, our Arbonne spa evening.

I can not tell you HOW MUCH I ENJOYED IT!!!  I mean really, really enjoyed it.  With it at home and every one coming to me, it took the pressure off of my leaving to only be phoned constantly by my anxiety ridden son and trying to talk him down from panic, separation anxiety.  That just doesn’t make ANYTHING enjoyable or relaxing to me….in fact, it doesn’t make going away a good thing at all, it makes my blood pressure go up and I feel anxious the rest of the time.  It was easier to just stay home.  And honestly, God in his providence even made it an evening that my husband didn’t have to go to his evening job – so he was here to see to the boys and go about his way, walking with them to the park and enjoying some male bonding :)  ….while we ladies enjoyed a woman’s evening together.

I love that my friends helped make it possible, such an added perk, because I love to have my friends around, doing something with them that makes us take time for ourselves was even more than I could have asked for……and their purchases and bookings of other shows made it possible for me to get a ridiculously good deal on many products for peanuts…..I am amazed…and still can’t believe it.  Wow.

Extra nice was to include young ladies in the grouping, an older mom, and very young mom, a newborn, pregnant moms….and the Arbonne consultant herself currently pregnant expecting her third.  Really a lovely group of inter-generational women :)

So….all I can smell in my mind’s sensors is that awesome Spa Renewing Gelee in a jar…..which I am getting for free, because I could chose up to a $50 free product…..beautiful clean chemical-free product.


I also received this product as a gift last night because friends’ booked shows:

Arbonne Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub

Today, I’m just taking a flop day….I need days like this.  My house is already super clean from preparing for company, and things are ready for Sunday.  My children are just chillin’, one is working and husband is working all day.  It’s a good Saturday to just relax.  Next Saturday that will all change with First Communion Photos and Practice, followed by First Communion the next day. 

May God restore and refresh you in some special way…..

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True Daughter of Mary said...

It was totally fun! I had a hard time not tucking that lil babe under my arm and sneaking out, though!