St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Curriculum for 2014-15/ 2012-13

I haven't updated curriculum for nearly two years!
So, I'll start back at 2013-2014 and fast forward to 2014-15

This year:
10th grade:
Religion: Sacraments & Apologetics - Fr. John Laux
Math: Jacobs Geometry LS;  and Abeka Alg II 
Latin: Cambridge Latin Unit 2
History: Ancient History/Geography & Ancient Literature
Science: Modg course: Natural Science and co-op course: Physical Science
MOD Design 1: (java programming)
Blender: 3D design

5th grade:
Most everything for 5th grade can be found in the Modg 5th grade Syllabus

I also add in the LLATL Book Studies for my son with high functioning autism as a therapeutic measure toward reading comprehension.

Last Year:
9th grade:
Religion:  Fr. John Laux Chief Truths of the Faith & Catholic Morality 
Math: Abeka Algebra 1 
Latin: Cambridge Latin Unit 1
History: US History & Geog & American Literature
Fine Arts:  Fine Arts LS (Classical Music/composers - Famous Paintings/artists)
Science: Earth Science
Grammar & Composition

4th grade:
Everything for 4th Grade is contained in the Modg Fourth Grade Syllabus we follow

Looking forward to our year ahead:
Curriculum for upcoming year 2012-13

8th grade:

Religion: Our Life in the Church (Faith & Life); Baltimore Catechism #2
Wordly Wise Book 5 (Vocabulary/spelling)
Basic Language Principles with Latin Background (English & Latin grammar)
Our Roman Roots (Latin program)
Old World & America w/Historical Atlas of the World
Ultimate Geography & Timeline
Art Through Faith 8
Concepts & Challenges in Physical Science
Top 100 Masterpieces of Classical Music

Eighth Grade Mother of Divine Grace Teacher Planner (day by day, week-by-week breakdown of the curriculum used above)* I use Abeka Math instead: the planner breaks down Saxon Algebra 1/2 & Concepts & Challenges in Science Book 3 (or C); it also does not use Basic Language Principles with Latin Background (that is in the Modg 7th grade syllabus and planner).

3rd grade:

The Child's Bible History
St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1
Arithmetic 3
Primary Language Lessons (workbook format)
Writing Road to Reading (spelling notebook)
Exploring God's World
Our American Heritage, and accompanying Map Skills
English from the Roots Up Root cards (Latin & Greek study)
Child-size art pieces: Mommy, It's a Renoir (steps 4 & 5)
Let's Learn Music #2

Third Grade Mother of Divine Grace Teacher Planner (day by day, week-by-week break down of curriculum above)

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