St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The TARDIS travels…

And so the TARDIS was transported to her new place for the 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who, at our local library.

DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Celebration








Into the family van she goes!  Carefully placed by my oldest son and husband…….

Happy Travels all my Whovian friends!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Doctor Who TARDIS regenerated

And so, what will I do with my life now that the TARDIS for the library program has been completed?  LOL!!  Oh, it’s been great fun creating a London Police Call Box, in TARDIS blue (Thrill Seeker blue paint from True Value, #31B7).

This is the finished product:

TARDIS front finished withM&M

TARDIS inside side with Mark

TARDIS Rocket side Mark's face



TARDIS corner view

And this is what it all began with, a recycled VBS prop that was a “rocket” used for SKY VBS one year:



And one last thing….Isn’t this the most precious thing you’ve seen, Whovians??  I just love it!

TARDIS and winnie the pooh

Saturday, October 19, 2013

TARDIS building…..

Yes, I can’t believe I’m even doing this!   Oh the things you do for the fun of your children :) well, and maybe even yourself.

I’ve saved a VBS prop from 2 years ago.  Really, I’m not sure why it was still floating around with us at our educational wing at church, but I suspect it was too big for the person to have to relocate.  He said we could just keep it, break it up, etc.,  Well, so it sat….until suddenly it occurred to me, a couple weeks ago, it was a great structure to turn into  a Doctor Who TARDIS(regenerate!)

And so it’s happening in my enclosed front porch.  The paint is True Value “Thrill Seeker” 31B7…and it is indeed an awesome TARDIS blue.  The “headpiece” is already constructed with light materials, styrofoam and cardboard box top, all painted and sealed up and ready to fix at the top of the TARDIS, which in this case, is ever so slanted, (not flat)…and a lovely little lantern that fits perfecting down into the top piece.

I will post progress photos as I get them.  But today, is LEGO DAY at our local library and I must get moving to make it to that with two boys.

For more WHOVIAN FUN, visit my friend Chris who has some awesome things going on in the Doctor Who department!!……

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let go and let God…

Ever hear that saying?  I’ve heard it so many times….and yet, today was probably the first time I just let it happen!  Okay, it took me this many years…(you know, 53 of them)…to “get this”….better late than never, eh? 

There is so much going on not only physically in my life, the busyness of the daily grind, the extras thrown in….the doubts, the fears, the anxieties. But, the wonderful thing about this is, I am growing spiritually, I truly am, and I am grateful.  God is showing me things differently than I am anticipating.  He is answering prayers differently than I am expecting, but praise Him, he is answering them. 

I have also learned to listen to the voice of God in others, others I don’t usually expect a spiritual fruit to come from….and yet….God supplies them with something I need to hear and know.

Peace.  I just feel at peace.  And that’s so very good.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

St. Teresa of Avila

I just could not say it better than the post I’m linking you to below.  St. Teresa is one my saint pals that I rely on and intercess through continually, along with my group of St. Clare of Assisi, St. Catherine of Laboure, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Joan of Arc, St. Josemaria Escriva, and Padre Pio.  I have long adopted this group as my communal prayer partners and solicited help from them throughout my life. They all hold a special place and reason of adoption; St. Joan is my confirmation patron, St. Catherine is the patron of my daughter, her middle name, because of the dire need to make it through the pregnancy with her, (complications of placenta previa). We have a relic of St. Clare here at home, that we cherish dearly. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton I turn to for motherhood and education; Padre Pio helped me find my dear husband; St. Josemaria Escriva because he shows this mother how to live a deeply spiritual life in ordinary life, and not just stay shallow on the surface of it all….but to see spiritual value in all of it and to help my children see through spiritual eyes, not secular eyes.  His feast day was placed on my birthday a few years back!  I felt a sign of true connection, that I had the right Saint fighting for my and my family’s spiritual good.

These are the heavenly people I hope to see and meet and greet one day, among my dearest friends and family, as I finish the race here on earth.  They are my friends of heaven.

Today we commemorate the feast of St. Teresa of Avila, a true spiritual leader.  May she inspire you to move forward in your own spiritual life, drawing breadth and depth in it.

St. Teresa of Avila: Why you can't seem to progress in the spiritual life

Friday, October 11, 2013

The highs and lows of it…

Some of the high lights of this last week:

Celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary; going out to eat dinner, just my husband and I at a beautiful restaurant.  Enjoying every quiet moment of it.

Getting together with some home school moms and chatting, if ever so briefly.  How I miss really connecting with other moms with home schooling.  I really miss the enrichment group I use to facilitate at our parish. 

Being very productive with our home school; I am seeing such great progress in the last 5 weeks. 

Spending time with my mom, several times this last week – it’s so nice that she’s close by and we are able to connect often without taking too much time away from school.

Seeing through my oldest son and daughter that how we school does make an academic difference.  And giving them the right formation and values makes the other difference….and together, they are a beautiful pairing.

Realizing I really am a spiritually aligned person first, and everything else after.


LOW LIGHTS of the Week:

To learn my son is losing his long time psychiatric doctor, (5 yrs!), and there is actually no one to replace him at this time. Not sure how the facility is going to be handling medication needs….We left with several refills, still…this leaves me wary…..and a bit nervous.  Psychiatric doctors in this area are not plentiful and well overbooked.  Praying they replace this well loved doctor soon, soon, soon. 

Sadly, I have so longed for a spiritual group, a prayer or bible study group, or just some group that pulls in the depth and breadth of my faith, and yet, epic FAIL in this area.  [without having to drive an hour away in the evening]

The bible study my husband and I decided to begin, was attended by NO ONE last night :( We were very disappointed. 

The discovery that people really are just going through the motions and lack deep spiritual roots, or are even repelled or embarrassed by matters of faith, praying and spiritual awareness, even though they consider themselves Christian or faith-filled, and even live contrary to those same values in their every day choices and matters.

A more sad and fleeting thought, that I belong to the wrong denomination :(  Yes, it pains me to think that, nonetheless say it out loud. I really do love my Catholic faith...but really filling spiritual filled up, is another thing, and finding those around you who wish the same; yes, I know people are very busy too, and I know there are deeply spiritual and faith-filled driven people out there, I just don’t find them in my corner of the world here right now in my age orientation; yes, there are some sweet fine people, lovely people I know. 

So ends my week of highs and lows. 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Prayer of the Christophers

Father, grant that I may be
a bearer of Christ Jesus, your Son.
Allow me to warm
the often cold, impersonal scene
of modern life with your burning love.
Strengthen me by your Holy Spirit
to carry out my mission of changing the world
or some definite part of it for the better.
Despite my lamentable failures,
bring home to me that my advantages
are your blessings to be shared with others.
Make me more energetic in setting right
what I find wrong with the world
instead of complaining about it.
Nourish in me a practical desire
to build up rather than tear down,
to reconcile instead of polarize,
to go out on a limb rather than crave security.
Never let me forget
that it is far better to light one candle
than to curse the darkness,
and to join my light,
one day, with yours. Amen.

- Prayer of the Christophers

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

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Homeschooling: One Room Schoolhouse Meets Three Ring Circus

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