St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Friday, February 19, 2010

Unraveling Thoughts of Spring

Friends, I am SO ready for Spring. I know we are in the midst of Lent. Perhaps I shouldn't be having "think spring" thoughts. But the weather where I am lends itself to thoughts of Aruba, the Carribbean, Nevada in the middle of summer! I can't wait for beautiful warm sun that stays longer and stronger, the smell of the new grass starting and buds emerging into small samplings of spring blossoms. I feel cabin fever annoying me this year more than ever...and yet, I thought it would certainly pass me by, as busy as we've been. But no. Who says the life of a homeschooling mother is easy....(no one, I hope!) :-) And throw in a bit a stress; it doesn't help that I have 25 First Reconciliants ready to receive their sacrament tomorrow afternoon at our parish, and while this is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, I am nervous, nervous, nervous for them. I'm not sure why - maybe it's a good sign though that I can still feel this way, and I haven't gone completely numb after all these years of teaching this class! God bless them, every one.

So, tomorrow is to bring weather in the 40s. That might be a teaser.....but I will be very appreciative. For now, I enjoy my fragrant yellow roses, given me by my husband this week for Valentines day....and now and then a sniff of a beautiful floral perfume (how about: Imari Seduction - plum, vanilla and orchid).

Our oldest son celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday. I went into labor with him on Valentines Day of '91, .....of course, during the blizzard of the century here in Ohio!

I am grateful all the same - (and sure I wouldn't change a thing), well, except maybe the thermometer a little......

Have a blessed and heart-warming weekend, wherever you are, whatever you do.....God bless!

This post brings back memories! Our oldest son mentioned in this turned 19 this February (and is in college). This year I have 11 First Sacraments' children and the SNOW here is quite unbelievable! When I have time I'll post about the February Blizzards and hopefully some wintry pics. Until then, THINK SPRING! :)

Anchor me in Your Love

Dear Lord,
When the pressures of life seem overwhelming, when my daily duties yield little fruit, when I have worked hard at relationships to no avail......I grow discouraged. I lose heart. Fortitude wanes. I become disheartened. In these moments when I am rocked by the waves of life, steady me. Draw me close to Your Sacred Heart. Anchor me in Your love. Give me the stamina to stand firm, the grace to hope again, and the faith to know You will never leave me. Amen.

(Grace-Filled Moments, Benkovic)