St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pray for us…

OURLADYof carmel

I just finished the Novena of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and celebrated the feast day yesterday…..with all my intentions being directed to the healing of my son Mark.  I am at a loss of what more to do for him as he is still not completely well from his bout of cryptosporidium.  He still has some terrible muscle spasm/cramping left from it., half a dozen episodes an hour, that stops him in his tracks.  It might mean more testing, but after all he’s been through with this nasty bug over the last three weeks, I wish so much for him to be better and enjoy his summer.  He hasn’t even been able to swim yet :(

I’m going to try some homeopathy remedies for his cramping and boost his nutrients a bit (carefully as to not irritate his now delicate intestines).  I’m really hoping it’s just a matter of further rest and healing of his intestinal track as he’s done the only course of medicine they have available for this problem and has some prescription anti-spasm meds, all of which really just make him tired and grouchy above all. 

Lord, I really need you to reach down and touch this precious little boy, who is so innocent and whom we feel so desperate to help.  His autism seems to protect him from being whiny and feeling sorry for himself – so his ailment and what he suffers makes him all the more precious.  Please hear our prayers and heal him as only you can do Almighty Father.  In Christ Jesus, we pray.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simple Life with Complexities…

,..that’s how it seems lately.  Just the ordinary but with the challenges that seem to always creep up on us!

Some fun news – I found a document – a marriage license that gave a lot of information regarding some ancestors of mine.  It was an ENORMOUS find, because my father’s cousin Mary had been researching for 30 years to find such a thing to be able to find an origin of our Burg side of the family within Germany.  Well, it just happened.  Just like that….there is was at an LDS Church research site.  I knew Mary would be THRILLED, and I sent her the information right away.  SHE IS DELIGHTED!  So, I feel like if I don’t do another thing for mankind for a whole month….I’m good!  LOL

Some yukky news….My son Mark has had bouts of some intestinal problems plaguing him since late April.  I took him to his doctor and they seemed to think “virus” and would take a few weeks to clear up.  Well…a few weeks went by, and it did seem at one point to be cleared up, then it returned with a vengeance.  The poor guy!…he is so crampy!  I pushed for a stool sample test and what do you know..?  Yes, he has Cryptosporidium Infection.  I am very upset about this!  It is contracted through bad water.  I had told the doctor the original problem began after drinking water from a public fountain…In the end it was either the public water fountain, or an Icee Machine that had broke down, and was later up and running – perhaps not sterilized properly.  SO, the medicine isn’t anywhere within a 50 miles radius of here…yes.  SO, it should be in by 2 pm tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get him started on it, because he’s pretty miserable – and darn, that medicine better really come in!  I’m quite upset about this whole thing.

I began the Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as the feast is nearing on July 16th.  I’m mostly doing the special prayer for Mark.  And I need a new Scapular badly!  Hoping to pick one up soon. 

July is beginning to push by quickly….I am preparing for our parish’s vacation bible school and when that ends, it will only be a couple weeks until my older children will be starting back to college.  I can’t bear to think about it right now!!..really, between the finances – so stressed and stretched – and the dynamics of the home with special needs children…life can be someone un-enjoyable to me at  times.  I turn to our Lord for strength and perseverance.

Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

City diocese has new bishop - Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Mingo, Weirton, Jefferson County | News, Sports, Jobs,

City diocese has new bishop - Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Mingo, Weirton, Jefferson County | News, Sports, Jobs,

New Bishop for us

This morning the Holy See announced the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to name Bishop-

elect Jeffrey Marc Montforton as the new Bishop of Steubenville, Ohio, USA.

The diocese had been vacant since Bishop Robert Daniel Conlon was named Bishop of Joliet

in Illinois in May 2011.

Bishop-elect Montforton is a priest of the Detroit Archdiocese and recently completed a 6 

year term as Rector of Sacred Heart Seminary.