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St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

What to do until you find a spiritual director....

Back in 1958, Father Edward J. Hogan of St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore observed, “There are countless souls ripe for sanctity, full of generosity and desire, and needing only the expert advice of a divinely ordained doctor of souls to advance toward sainthood. Yet how often they remain unattended!”

Why would any Catholic priest hesitate to reap such rich harvest of potential saints? Father Hogan has the answer.

Many priests, he writes, suffer from “a feeling of inadequacy and of lack of the requisite knowledge for so sensitive an undertaking.”

That’s where the famed Father Charles Hugo Doyle steps in. He guided a generation of priests in the time-tested methods of spiritual direction. In today’s Church, Fr. Doyle can stand in as a guide for lay Catholics who want to progress in holiness but have yet to find their own spiritual director.

To read more about the book:

Guidance in Spiritual Direction by Fr. Charles Hugo Doyle, follow this Link.

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Cay in La. said...

How timely!
Thanks for posting about this.
I was instructed to get a spiritual director at my last retreat.

I have yet to do so. : )