St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

St. Isidore Patron of the Internet, Computer Technicians

Saint Isidore of Seville

I'm wondering if this is the only picture of St. Isidore of Seville? Anyone find any others? (Let me know). I enjoyed coming across several of Isidore's maxims, apparently from Book of Maxims. Here are just a couple:

"Heresy is from the Greek word meaning 'choice'.... But we are not permitted to believe whatever we choose, nor to choose whatever someone else has believed. We have the Apostles of God as authorities, who did not...choose what they would believe but faithfully transmitted the teachings of Christ. So, even if an angel from heaven should preach otherwise, he shall be called anathema."

"If a man wants to be always in God's company, he must pray regularly and read regularly. When we pray, we talk to God; when we read, God talks to us."
-Saint Isidore

For more on St. Isidore and additional maxims, head to Catholic-Forum at this LINK from the Patron Saint Index

Hmm, St. Isidore, Patron of the Internet...Follow this

Isn't it great....a "Prayer before logging onto the internet" at this LINK.

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