St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Unraveling Thoughts of Spring

Friends, I am SO ready for Spring. I know we are in the midst of Lent. Perhaps I shouldn't be having "think spring" thoughts. But the weather where I am lends itself to thoughts of Aruba, the Carribbean, Nevada in the middle of summer! I can't wait for beautiful warm sun that stays longer and stronger, the smell of the new grass starting and buds emerging into small samplings of spring blossoms. I feel cabin fever annoying me this year more than ever...and yet, I thought it would certainly pass me by, as busy as we've been. But no. Who says the life of a homeschooling mother is easy....(no one, I hope!) :-) And throw in a bit a stress; it doesn't help that I have 25 First Reconciliants ready to receive their sacrament tomorrow afternoon at our parish, and while this is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, I am nervous, nervous, nervous for them. I'm not sure why - maybe it's a good sign though that I can still feel this way, and I haven't gone completely numb after all these years of teaching this class! God bless them, every one.

So, tomorrow is to bring weather in the 40s. That might be a teaser.....but I will be very appreciative. For now, I enjoy my fragrant yellow roses, given me by my husband this week for Valentines day....and now and then a sniff of a beautiful floral perfume (how about: Imari Seduction - plum, vanilla and orchid).

Our oldest son celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday. I went into labor with him on Valentines Day of '91, .....of course, during the blizzard of the century here in Ohio!

I am grateful all the same - (and sure I wouldn't change a thing), well, except maybe the thermometer a little......

Have a blessed and heart-warming weekend, wherever you are, whatever you do.....God bless!

This post brings back memories! Our oldest son mentioned in this turned 19 this February (and is in college). This year I have 11 First Sacraments' children and the SNOW here is quite unbelievable! When I have time I'll post about the February Blizzards and hopefully some wintry pics. Until then, THINK SPRING! :)

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scmom (Barbara) said...

I don't have cabin fever so much as the doldrums of school. I'm trying to work my way through it. I should be grateful that I have only two students this year, but the days drag on, don't they?