St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Summer is certainly fleeting as we begin our way into August. Although I adore Autumn and usually feel great peace as it arrives, I am desperately hanging onto the last days of summer this time around. We have had a good summer overall, there's been a lot going on; a lot of unexpected blessings and many new and special memories we can look back fondly upon as we return our thoughts to the summer of 2008. Some of us had better summers than others; our 9 year old son Michael has fought a middle ear infection most of his June and July. It got him down a few times, and it's just not like him to "be down", that's for sure. Still, he's had some very enjoyable times in between that sick feeling. Hopefully, he's "really" on the mend now.

We had a wonderful vacation bible school that produced some lasting fruit for which I am ever so grateful. And here I was worried this VBS wouldn't be as good as last years. Ha! This one definitely had all the charisma as last years, but better with more lasting value.....ah, but then that makes me a bit nervous about next year, doesn't it?!

Well, I'm glad that's quite a ways off. I'm still basting in the afterglow of this one. I hope this inspiration and satisfied feeling lasts a while and even moreso I hope it lasts deeply within those that participated and helped in any way.

What was so nice this year was that our VBS focused on "service" to family, friends, neighbors, community and Jesus (church). The participants brought money donations (small change) each day to donate in a special box, and on one day they brought food to donate to our local food pantry. (Did I tell you this already? If so, bear with me!)....well, the money collected amounted to $91, and was to be donated to a special cause to help the poor.

After discussing this with our pastor, we made the decision to sponser a child with the donated funds, and to continue collecting donations from our parish school of religion children each month to continue the sponsership.

What a great thing. Of course, the food collected was boxed and taken to our local food pantry. The children did such a great service. And they did it all joyfully and willingly. What a wonderful way to instill the Greatest Commandment in our young people.

Anyway, you know I can get very excited about seeing God's power in action. It was one of those monumental moments...

We are nearly prepared for our new school year to begin, I am glad to say. I'm still waiting for a couple book orders to arrive; the shelves are organized and stocked and a schedule is in place. With that out of the way, I can relax a little more through the remainder of summer and contemplate this year ahead. This school year will produce our senior graduate from our home school; our first one. That is both an accomplishment and a nervous ordeal :)

But God has been so good in His blessings to us, I depend on His grace immensely to see us through. I've already begun to fast and pray in earnest as I anticipate His guidance for this particular son.

God bless you all, until later.....


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Alice Gunther said...

Oh, your first graduate! How incredible!

My oldest starts high school this year!

I love your beautiful headshot on the left, btw.