St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

O Rainy Day!

Yes, another rainy day in Ohio indeed.  I'm trying to let it not dampen (no pun intended) our goals for the day ..or week..or the rest of the month for that matter.  We are finishing up our home school for the year; it ends with our assessments/tests, hopefully by the end of this lovely Marian month of May.  Hard to believe our daughter will be a senior in our home school next school year; I will also have a sixth grader and a first grader...this makes life ever so interesting!  Our oldest son successfully completed his first year at college landing on the Dean's list both semesters; producing close to 100 pieces of art between drawings and design projects; doing a T-shirt design for his Catholic college group and a personal portrait project.  This happened without its challenges of course - a relationship break-up and some incredibly terrible winter weather...but I am SO proud of him for holding his own and keeping up with his school work load, working two jobs, commuting, and staying Faithful and Faith-filled in the midst of being an emotional wreck on occasion.  I am grateful I see God growing in and around him in his choices and character.

So, I'm off for another cup of coffee...also determined to lose this extra 10 pounds I somehow gained last summer when my thyroid went off.....still working with my endocrinologist to get things normalized.  Isn't the whole world seem to be "off" these days.....I do think about 2012.......sometimes.....and I wonder...?  Naw!

Have a great day wherever you are...I hope the SUN is shining for you, if not in the sky....then in your heart!

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