St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeding the Poor

I am so pleased with how my children are learning to care for others that are less fortunate in this world.  From donating money they earn for our Honduran sponsor child, to the Salvation Army or the women's it clothing, toys, money, they seem to have gotten the message. 

Recently our college son helped head the coin-drive and food delivery in his Catholic student group.  This is quite an admirable endeavor as the students donate their funds and raise awareness by collecting loose change - then gather together on a Friday evening, change the coins into cash, and go shopping.  They receive the names of needy families in the area around the college and buy them bags of groceries, then spend the evening delivering it to their homes.  What a wonderful and much needed exercise!

As I begin to mobilize my own resources and thoughts on the holiday season close at hand, I keep this in mind and attempt to think of ways within our family to help others.  I recently heard a friend of mine, a fellow religious ed teacher say she will have her class take a boy and girl name off the Giving Tree and do a field trip to the store to buy for them.  I think it's an excellent idea - always a much needed donation of time and money and care.

We are all poor in so many ways, aren't we?!  I ponder my spirituality and feel so needy myself at times.  Giving to others and placing other's true needs first really helps fulfill our own needs because deeply, it is what is inside of us - helping our fellow man.  

May God bless you!  

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