St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, August 15, 2011


It’s a lovely overcast day here in our corner of the world.  The train is blowing it’s distant whistle and all else seems to be very still and quiet….What a change from a week ago!….or even a few days ago with that hot bright August sun still beating down!  I’m sure that sun isn’t gone forever quite yet; we will still see Mr. Sun for quite some time – well into October.  I love October, but I do not love that it leads way to winter :(  I am not a winter person…for many reasons.  And the last few winters have seemed to be very long and wicked.  sigh…..

So, I will embrace even the overcast days of the better weather season right now.   Helps me appreciate what we have now even more!

We are slowly preparing to start back to school at home.  The children in town start back next week. I will be schooling just two boys when we begin.  We won’t start anything until well after our daughter is settled into college (Aug 27th it all happens).  Then we will likely be still finishing work on the attic.  It is nearing the stage where we can start to actually prime and paint, and decide more seriously what we are doing with the floor.  I will be working on the entry way and stairway up, when my items arrive – shipped from Lowes, but on backorder. 

In the meantime, this week we celebrate my husband’s birthday.  Hats off to him!  He has done such a great job on the attic remodel, really bearing most of the work, and it’s been both tedious and good for him.  I think he will love the success he will see – that he accomplished.  He’s a good husband and good father for sure.  Happy Birthday Pete!

Have a great day where ever you are – may God’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you!


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Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Looks like it will be amazing! How great for Doug! And Happy birthday, Pete!