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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Motivation and the teen spirit

I have a teenage son who has not always had it easy growing up.  He suffers from anxiety (OCD) and has been in treatment for many years.  I could not have gotten this far with him without assistance -- professional assistance.  Our entire family was suffering from it and well...that's another story...

But for this moment, there is much success in regard to this bright young man.  He doesn't lack intelligence, that's for sure.  In fact, I don't quite know how to put the reigns on it at times....he wants to speed ahead and do this and do that....He is doing 2 sciences and 2 maths this year, because well...he wants to...and he's motivated to do so, so I'm allowing it.  He is half way through a very intense on line course of Jacob's Geometry and he added in Abeka Algebra 2 to do on the side.  He is three-quarters way through his Natural Science course (just has a project left to do when the weather gets better), and he added in his full course of Biology.  And he loves it.  All this on top of his other courses, his Latin, his Ancient History-Geography and Literature course, and his religion.   He did yet a third science for the first semester through our co-op which was very rigorous (instead of 120 hours, typical high school, it was 180-200); this proved to be far too much of a load, and because he didn't really need the credit, we dropped it for the second semester so he could move on to the courses he really needs for high school graduation.  Still, it was a good experience and he did learn quite a bit that semester.

He has a yearning to be a programmer and does an on line introductory programming course called Mod Design 1.  He wants to get into Java programming more -- but doesn't know where to begin, and I say, well, that is likely going to be a college course. We are looking at senior year of dual credits....but first things first, getting up and driving.

So, he has been practicing driving with his father which has been a wonderful thing for him -- helping him to feel more independent and in control.  Anxiety ridden people often feel they are at the mercy of everyone and everything else around them.  It helps to "enable" them (if they will move forward with it), and of course that has been our goal for him from day one of therapy -- enabling.  Disabling the disorder, and enabling the normalcy and developmental milestones and healthy way of thinking along the way. 

Really, I'm writing this for myself today as we have had a very difficult winter with this son.  Last year his medication was adjusted three times, and it takes weeks and weeks for the changes to occur.  He is finally into a med adjustment that is working and we are grateful.  I'm taking inventory with this piece,  journaling, really....and clearing my mind.  

On paper (or blog) it looks more hopeful to me, and I can see the distance we have traveled and the progress we have made.  Yes, we've taken many steps backwards at times....but all in all, we have moved forward in a positive manner.  I thank God for that.

For any of my readers who are raising special needs children, or those with mental health issues, disorders and every day disruptions....I pray for you;  I understand.  I know the heartache and the stress and the lack of understanding out there....I know how you wonder daily and lay awake at night....about how your son or daughter is going to make it in life...out there.  And know, I think and feel the same way.  Together, let us pray for one another...and pray that God in his almighty love and wisdom will come through for all of us.


God bless+


Kim said...

Deo gratias! I am so glad that your son is doing so well, despite the medication changes and the everyday challenges that go along with OCD. Continued prayers!

Kim said...

Deo gratias! I am so glad that your son is doing so well, despite the medication changes and the everyday challenges that go along with OCD. Continued prayers!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Kim, I appreciate that! God bless+