St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Blessed Weekend

There comes a time where all your hard work comes together in the culmination of one glorious memorable moment.  It's fleeting, yes, but it's depth and meaningfulness leave a lasting impression that lingers and is savored for many years to come.  Such a moment happened this weekend as my daughter graduated from college on Mother's Day weekend. 

As we have homeschooled all our children completely, K - 12th grade, without any extra educational tap-ins (i.e. post secondary, partial enrollment), it is a glorious and rewarding event that they went straight from home school into a strong four year college situation.  In other words:  yes, this mother who was not able to complete her own college degree was able to totally school her children 12 years right into college where they received excellent scholarships due to good college test scores.  I am not tooting my own horn here, because really I had little to do with it other than being an instrument in God's hands-- when I made the decision to subject myself to the will of God, and surrender in this area, He took over.  He guided me from day one, and eventually into a home study program integrated with our faith that is of quality and integrity, respecting each child where they are at and supporting the parent as primary educator.  It was and has been such a saving grace to me, giving me unique Catholic support and making up for any deficits I may have had. 

It is a huge accomplishment to have a child graduate from college in general; it is enormously more meaningful for a home school family to have a child that they entirely homeschooled prior to college, graduate with their degree from college.  

Having graduated a son and daughter into college and out of college now, where they make their way with their education and degrees, I can say, you can do it too.  Yes, you can.  It seems an overwhelming or impossible task, but truly it isn't. Let God lead you, take you by the hand.  Be humble, be open.   It's "you" that has to commit to it.  Commit to making a good quality education available to your children. It may be the only 12 years of education they have; maybe they will not be attending college -- then even all the more reason to make it the highest quality you can provide.  It means sacrifice, and not giving in to your own wishy-washy tendencies or whims.  It means staying home and really taking time with each child, each day. It means dying to yourself, so they can rise.  If you see it through with seriousness and uphold that child with respect, it will not come back to you empty, or with criticism. They will thank you later because they will see the value in what you did.  It will not always be easy, that goes with the territory, but it will be rewarding beyond what you can imagine.

I am tired.  Yes, I'll admit it right here.  I'm not only an older mom to begin with, but I'm a mom with a bad thyroid and I'm exhausted most of the time, compared to even five years ago.   So I look at the younger moms with awe and zeal for their mission -- they can do this no problemo!  They have still have youth on their side, and energy.  If I can do it, they can do it!....and likely even better.   Go for it!

And while I may be physically tired, my soul and the spirit inside of me is well invigorated and lighted with the power of God and His amazing blessings. 

So today, the day after the glorious rewarding weekend events, my heart and soul sing in gratefulness that only a mother can feel upon the accomplishment of her own child... 

..."my soul does glory in your love O Lord....for you gazed on your servant with compassion, and you reached out and took me by the hand....Luke 1:46-48

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