St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Summer Bliss

Although Summer has arrived, it's all but 55 degrees here today in my part of the midwest.  That is quite a dive from 82 a couple days ago.  

However, this does not stop me from enjoying the beauty that has bloomed around me.  The bright sunshine that is now ours most days, and the balmy breeze, with moisture clinging in the air at night.  On days like this I sit by my fire pit and enjoy the sound of the toads croaking their evening music...and take in the smell of the wood burning and the sound of its crackle.

Since May has left us, life has settled down a bit.  May was a whirlwind of activity; finishing up our church school weekends, First Communion and May Crowning, high school graduation and parties, the college graduation of my daughter.  All a blur now, but all sweet and comfortable in my memory.  

Both my sons that are still homeschooled have completed, or near completed their courses. The oldest is finishing up a history paper and science report.  The youngest has been finished since the end of May and is thrilled to be "on summer vacation."  I plan, for their next school season.  I think I have it all under control!

These recent days I indulge in my Young Living diffuser, switching between Stress Away, or an allergy bomb, the combination of equal amounts of Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon.  All the while listening to an audio (Nook) book of The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins. To enjoy this version you need first, a Nook, and then to download the Nook Audiobook App.  I have had several Nooks since they  first arrived on the scene, and my latest one is a Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Nook Tablet -- which I'm just loving. 

Smelling the therapeutic aroma of the essential oils and listening to expert readers tell me the most engaging mystery story is such a blast of relaxation for me; long needed relaxation. 

I hope you are enjoying some small indulgences as summer unfolds......

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