St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Catching up....but slowing down

I have long been missing in action.  Still healing from the autoimmune liver disorder, and trying to hold my own in my little corner of the world.  At this point, my steroids have been reduced, but I remain on them at a lower level (for many months ahead), as well as the immunosuppressant.  Right now, I'm battling a virus cold. I sound much worse than I feel.  I am sleeping much much better since the steroids have been reduced.  I am grateful for that!  

In the meantime, we enjoyed an absolutely beautiful Easter.  The weather has improved and begun to warm up with insects and pollens in full swing!  Yay!  (sarcastic grin).   But, I will take the SUNshine any day :)

I am mustering up every bit of energy to get my first communion class through their very special event this weekend.  I have never been more exhausted in the 23 years of doing this.  You know a lot happens in 23 years!  There is a door bell ringing, telling me it is time to pass the baton!   I have tried several times in the last five years to get someone interested in taking over the 2nd grade class, but it just hasn't happened.  I would still be the director of our religious ed program and oversee many of the big things, and be there for the sacrament prep teacher, but I really need to slow down and the energy and preparation it takes weekly for me to do the class has really been felt this year.  I know God is listening, because just this weekend my current helper did say she is "interested" in doing the class.  That would truly be a blessing.  Pray for me, pray for us, pray for my class as they encounter the great grace of God in the most Holy Sacrament this upcoming weekend. 

I have also been side-tracked with genealogy research which I just love to be side-tracked with! That is a great diversion and passion.  

I will try to write more often, but I can't promise :)   Life is really like a wild winding river right now, moving at a rapid speed and I'm really just hanging on and taking each curve as it comes. 

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