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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, July 04, 2016

Summer Bliss & This

What more could I want than settling into a peaceful relaxing summer?!  Really, it's all I want :) And I realize now, it's nearly half-over!

After a very busy productive homeschool year and religious education year as director and teacher at our parish,  I need a lengthy, lazy break. I did get a little of that, but now interrupted.  I'm deep in the trenches of Vacation bible school preparations -- the event begins next week.  This will mark our 10th anniversary year of doing VBS on our own as a parish, where previously we had a group come in from the diocese to do VBS for us (Franciscan Sisters, TOR).  I think we have grown immensely from the experience.  It's always challenging, but God seems to find a way to help us along.  

In the meantime, I've been busy selling off books and buying some new resources for our new school year ahead.  Really I don't want to think about school but after 20 years of home education, I know I must -- the more prepared I am ahead of time, the smoother the year goes.  And this year will be very challenging.  I am preparing my senior son for college -- his college won't be the same model his older siblings accomplished, but it will be just as challenging. 

Old family photo at Easter, 2012?? 

I have enrolled my son in as many Mother of Divine Grace LS (learning support on line) classes as possible for the new school year. We have used LS in the past but not as many.  This year, I feel it's important he answers more to others that are teaching, but also that he gets good science and math guidance as his degree will demand it.  He is looking into applying 7 mos after graduation to a radiologic technology program through a branch of Kent State University, that he can commute to. It is very limited, so he may not make it the first time.   It's a rigorous program, and it begins in the summer (thus, his holding off for the next year instead of immediately going into it right after graduation), and it runs year round for two years straight.  He will need to have done job shadowing prior to applying.  I think this year of his accountability going elsewhere will be important especially since he is my one that has anxiety.  He has come SUCH an incredible long ways, and he's even been invited to National Honor Society that last couple years, but this year, he is accepting it and taking the next step.  Still, when under pressure, and when the months of Jan & Feb come around, he can sink his lowest.  This last winter he did amazing -- praise God.   So,  we are preparing well in advance to get him ready this new school year.  He did his college board testing and scored way above the national average -- so scholarship offers have been pouring in.  He knows he doesn't really want to do a 4 year college experience -- and I do think it might be too prolonged and stressful for him.  Still, these plans could change.  I'd love to see him go to a college like Franciscan University of Steubenville, where I feel he'd be with like minded people of faith, but I know God has a special plan for him as he does for all my children and all of us. 

All in God's plan and timing....

Then this happened:  my daughter became engaged the last week in June.  We are very happy and excited for her.  They are looking at a late spring, summer wedding for 2017.   

I will be sure to post our upcoming curriculum for the new year, soon. 

God bless!  


Eva said...

I have already panicked that the summer is half-way gone. I still have so many things I want to do!

What colleges did your older children attend? My oldest will be applying next year and there is so much to do and think about for a college application.

Happy 4th of July!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

I know, summer is fleeting! Lol My older son and daughter were accepted at a great many colleges but chose to attend Mount Union College, now called University of Mount Union. They did very well there. If you want any help with college email me,
God bless, Denise

Eva said...

Thansk so much, Denise, and thanks for the offer to help with the colleges. We have visited Thomas Aquinas College, Catholic University, Benedictine, and Christendom. We still want to see St. Anselm College and The Thomas Moore College in NH and als St. Vincent College in Pennsylvania. We have not decided where to apply yet. I will take you up on the offer to share your experiences after our visits. That is very kind of you.