St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Who's reading What?

More...oh my!...this post was also from Oct 2006...we've come a long ways since then....amazing to look back now!

Someone asked me recently, what is Michael reading these days? (last we left off, he was reading about the pancake loving Nate the Great and several Peanuts a.k.a. Charlie Brown vintage comic strip books). Today, he is reading his way through the Magic Treehouse books; right now: Sunset of the Sabertooth; (for further learning, the research guide for this one is: Sabertooth Tigers and the Ice Age). These are fun books that mix a piece of history (real learning) along with a fictional adventure of the main characters.

Also, we all have been going back through the beautifully done, My First Little House Books. They are an easy read for Michael, and Mark (3 yos) enjoys having them read to him. They have lovely artwork; some of the illustrations by Renee Graef; in other books in the series, Jody Wheeler. Our daughter loved these books when younger. (Until she graduated to the actual Little House on the Prairie books, and prequels).

Next, our daughter is currently reading through medieval histories; this includes Son of Charlemagne right now.

And our oldest son is reading, reading, reading, some of which includes: Fabre's World of Insects and Antigone by Sophocles.

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