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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Total Consecration: Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

I had been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately, increasingly inadequate, as well as very limited in my abilities to do and achieve what I feel called to do. I had said the wrong things at the wrong time and without the least bit of charity ): I found myself, wondering about myself. While it was true I had several stressors and difficult situations I was facing, as well as some serious decisions to make, it also seemed I lacked anyone who really understood my particular situation; there was someone who was very close to understanding, who actually knew all the details, but wouldn't you know, I made that person angry due to my own foolish upset and they were gone in a flash. Perhaps that wasn't the person meant to be coupled with me through my difficulty...although I felt abandoned when I needed their help the most. SOS! This all added up to the extra(ordinary) need for divine help and certainly more graces to bear with my ordeal. So, I paused. It was a long pause....and then I began, again. I started by a thorough examen, a good confession, a sincere apology to those I offended, and talking to a spiritual helper. Somehow, somewhere, I was inspired to do what is known as a classic spiritual pursuit of sorts: a total consecration to Jesus through Mary, per St. Louis Marie de Montfort's instruction and direction. And so, I began this spiritual endeavor eleven days ago, and one must journey through the formation for a regimen of thirty-three days, finally using the formula for consecration on the thirty-fourth day. The consecration date is to be accomplished on a Marian feastday, mine is that of Dec. 8th, the Immaculate Conception. I'm looking forward to that day!

Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting more on the social virtues, charity, kindness, forgiveness, affability - smiling :) A smile goes a long ways....

To read more about the special personal consecration, I submit the information below and links.

God bless!

+ A Personal Invitation to Become One of "Our Lady's Quarter Million" Consecrated Souls +

In March, 1984, our Holy Father, Pope John Paul ll, in communion with the bishops, consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Then, on October 8, 2000, with over 1,200 Cardinals and Bishops, our Holy Father entrusted the world and the New Millenium to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

At Fatima, Our Lady said :"Jesus wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world."We fulfill Our Lady's request by Total Consecration to Jesus, through her Immaculate Heart .

Souls consecrated to our Holy Mother are under her protection in a special way, and receive great graces .She will bring us closer to Jesus then we ever could get on our own. Every soul that completes this consecration brings us closer to the day that our Lady prophesized at Fatima :"In the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

Now you have the opportunity to individually consecrate your life to Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, by completing the Total Consecration founded in the 18th century by Saint Louis Marie de Montfort. The de Montfort Total Consecration is the most complete and most perfect consecration formula to Our Lady. It is the formula personally made and lived by Pope John Paul ll, and recommended by him to us.

The Church grants a Plenary Indulgence, under the usual conditions, to you on the day you complete your Act of Total Consecration , and each time you renew it.

We have provided over 77,000 free Total Consecration packages to date. Our packages consist of a two page letter, explaining who Saint Louis de Montfort is, and why it is important to complete the Total Consecration, plus a prayerbook from Montfort publications for the 33 day preparation prior to the Act of Total Consecration. These packages have been mailed to persons from 97 nations who have requested them. Our goal is to get free Total Consecration packages to 250,000 persons desiring to consecrate their lives to Jesus, through Mary.

You too can be one of these Quarter Million consecrated souls ( Our Lady's Quarter Million ) by requesting one of these free packages from me, Dick Sohm, at my e-mail address:, or by writing me at our Apostolate mailing address:

Friends of Our Lady Apostolate
1748 Heather Lane
Frederick, Maryland 21702-3054


Alice said...

Beautiful, Denise. I will be looking forward to your posts!

Esther said...

Joey and I have consecrated ourselves with St. Louis de Montfort's book. Can we still join?
God bless,

Denise said...

I believe you can always join the apostolate at any time, if that's what you are meaning.

That you've consecrated yourselves is the primary focus and that you renew your consecration yearly, at its anniversary, and perhaps attempt to spread the word of the total consecration as a fruit of your having progressed through it.

Pax et bonum!

Denise said...

Thanks Alice. I'm sure I will enjoy sharing some thoughts knowing sweet people like you are reading :)

Loved your Thankful Thursday entry! What a good baby. And what a good mommy, make-up or not!
You have that fresh scrubbed young look! Good for you! Keep that!