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St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Make-up, anyone?
For my lady friend visitors out there.  I know this sounds entirely vain, but what is your favorite make-up?  I have fair skin, sensitive skin, and my eyes are sensitive to different make-ups as well, so I have to be so careful what I use. Fragrance on my skin or around my eyes is definitely a no-no.  I have used everything from Avon (I sell Avon), to Almay, Mary Kay, and some Clinique, and I just wonder, what is everyone using out there with success and little fuss?  I don't use much make-up, but I do like to "dress-up" a little.  (I'm also not a hair person - it has to be simple!)
I need some color for the holidays ahead.....
So what about foundations and eye make-ups?
I'd love to hear from you; please leave a comment.


Denise said...

Just setting up my comment section so I'll receive these properly.

Esther said...

Hi Denise, nice to see you back.
I like the mineral make up. I bought the expensive Loreal foundation as well as the mineral eye shadow and blush from Avon which are less expensive. I don't know how it will react with sensitive skin but you may want to try it.

Meredith said...

Hi Denise, sweet lady! Such a good question! I am a retired Aesthetician and I would first recommend making sure that you have some really good skin care before we start with the makeup. If your skin is not being properally cared for, then anything you put on top of it will just be irritating and not as healthy, make sense? I love the site, not for dealing with acne, but for their excellent deals on quality skincare products. The one I have used for the past 16 years is Dermalogica. They have travel sets that you can use as a trial period for about a month and decide if you like it and you should see a marked improvement in the health of your skin. They have one for Sensitive Skin. Also a really good foundation before the blush and eye makeup is applied is essential as it helps to protect your skin from the dyes that are used in most commercial makeup products. HTH, somewhat and let me know if I can help any further, an email would be delightful!! Blessings to you in this trying time, I know you've suffered a loss in your family and any amount of stress will wreak havoc on your skin!! Love, Meredith

Denise said...

See, I knew this would be helpful :-)

Thanks for your notes ladies. I have tried some of the mineral make-ups and they are just a little too drying for my skin. But they look beautiful on you Esther! I'm sure they are agreeable in that wonderful Hawaiian climate! Ohio climates, well, wreak havoc on one's skin...I guess I should have mentioned my skin is also on the dry side.

I should have known Meredith was an Aesthetician by her glowing good looks :-) Thanks for the advice on the product line.

I will be checking into these recommendations.

Thanks so much - any other tips are appreciated.

~ Denise