St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What about Christmas gift giving?

I've been thinking about this, how to avoid products from China, of course my philosophy has been all along for years that we should be boycotting China anyway, due their one child forced abortion policy. I am very unhappy about the Olympics taking place there - nonetheless that I heard they evicted 1.5 million of their own people from their homes, to clear out the area for the Olympic park that is being built. I do hope internationally there is some kind of outrage.

Anyway....I am avoiding "Made in China", and one Christmas gift I did come across for young people that I thought was quite nice, is a commemorative edition of Pope John Paul IIs talks to youth, World Youth Day, 2002. The edition I saw (and ordered several of), came with a mini music CD of the music from the WYD event. This book is a "prayer book", using JPII own words, a challenge for youth to put into action and prayer, covering 52 weeks. It is called: "My Dear Young Friends".....and is edited by John Vitek. (St. Mary's Press) The ISBN for the edition I'm getting is: 9780884897484. If you go to: and type in the title, you can view pages of this book. It's a great "teen" or young adult book.

(Not made in China....)

More later.

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