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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pro-Life Action League response

For my readers who were wondering also. I am pleased (and I love this organization).

Dear Denise,

Thanks for writing.

The American Girl boycott ended December 26, 2005, when American Girl formally concluded its program in connection with the pro-abortion group Girls Inc. We have kept an eye on American Girl since then and find nothing in their activities to object to at this time.

That said, however, let me put in a plug for the Life of Faith dolls. These dolls came to light during our boycott of American Girl, when we were searching for alternatives.

They're every bit as nice as American Girl dolls -- perhaps even nicer. And each of them comes with a story book written from a Christian perspective, and with a tiny Bible, with one verse from each book.

So, you can shop at American Girl with a clear conscience -- in fact, if you do so, I encourage you to write the company and thank them for no longer donating to Girls Inc. But you might also want to take a look at Life of Faith:

Thanks again for writing. Please let us know if you ever have any further questions.

Yours for Life,

John Jansen
Generations for Life
Youth Outreach of the Pro-Life Action League
(773) 777-2900

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John Jansen said...


Thanks for posting our response! On behalf of PLAL, it's nice to be loved.