St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A slow Saturday.....a breather

So much has been happening these days; I feel we've been switched on to warp speed! However, this week, I think we will be returned to normal - at least, I hope so.

We had an incredible vacation bible school this year. The children were so drawn into it, which tells me that while children seek "fun" they also are very receptive to "depth". They got it! It was such an inspiring and encouraging week for my personal faith and spiritual enrichment, having delved into the book of Romans per the Apostle Paul. When Paul's Roman guard Brutus converted to Christianity at the end of the VBS week, it was more than acting the part. The children rejoiced as if they had been successful in their mission. I don't know how else to say it in writing, other than it gives me chills! Praise God!

When I find a nice VBS photo from our week, I'll upload it to this post.

On another note, a 90 year old brother of my father in law, (his last brother sibling) passed away, and at the same time it was now finally necessary to put my mother in law into a care facility for 24 hour care. She just won't eat-drink, and her breathing is becoming more shallow. They have her on oxygen. She is 84 years old and suffered a TIA years ago that was the beginning of the end of her memory. She also suffers from dementia and it's been a difficult time with her this last year, particularly the last few months; too much for my father in law to deal with around the clock (at age 87). Now, she is closer than she's ever been to us, just minutes away down route 30. My children are glad she's close by - especially Michael (with OCD/anxiety) as he has driving-in-the-car-very-far issues anyway that we are working through.

I'm thinking of Twittering.... What do you think? I think it would suit my busy life and thoughts well.

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