St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, August 03, 2009

Rain Drops on Roses Twenty Favorite Things

1. Coffee - really any kind as long as it isn't weak. My favorite is usually Seattle's Best. But Folger's Classic Roast will do too.

2. Sunbelt brand Granola cereal (raisins & almonds).

3. Lipton's Decaffienated tea (bags) (I love this tea in the evening after dinner)

4. My Mikasa "Silk Flowers" tea cup and saucer

5. My favorite Celestial Seasonings tea is Dessert Tea: Almond Sunset

6. Cinnabon Cinnamon Bread (to toast).

7. Speaking of sunsets; I love a beautiful pink-coral sunset - from my back porch I've enjoyed many of these

8. Vita-moist moisturizer from Avon

9. Bamboo Pink Clinique lipstick

10. Sophistique colgone from Mark (Avon).

11. Skin-So-Soft Shower Gel (I wish they'd bring the talcum powder back...)

12. Sealing wax and nice stationary. I do love to write letters, but lack the time anymore. Still, I try!

11. Birkenstock sandals; I always have a pair.

12. Classical music; especially Kent University's station (my favorite)

13. Celtic music; especially the group: Dordan

14. The smell of wood burning - like a wood pit - any food cooked outdoors on a grill. Which reminds me, this family needs a new delux barbecue, OR better yet an outside wood/grill (Chiminea).

15. The potpourri fragrance of cinnamon and vanilla and other spices.

16. Eating out in Amish country somewhere, the Autumn (Oatmeal Pie)

17. Speaking of Autumn, it is my favorite time of year.

18. My Magnifcat prayer monthly devotional book (especially at Adoration).

19. My black hills gold wedding band, and matching cross necklace.

20. A good sweater; both comforting and useful; preferably chocolate brown.

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