St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy New!

For me, this time of starting back to home schooling is like New Year's......this is the time for new visions, new dreams, facing the challenges and making resolutions to stay the course.  I am ever so grateful that in this great country we enjoy the freedom of being able to home educate our children; whether that freedom passes by way of whomever the parties in control may be for that period of time, it is still a freedom, one that was fought for by other families that came before us, and one I feel inclined to support, encourage and continue to commit myself to as I look at the whole picture of education for my family.  This is a "thank-you" moment; where I pause as our schooling begins for the seasons ahead and take notice and inventory of the blessings we have been given - not only in our own home, but in this country from sea to shining sea.  Yes, there are some troubled and difficult times...we too have felt them and dealt with them and continue to do so...but overall, we count our blessings and the most paramount one that we recognize over and over is home schooling.

And so it is, that now is the time...this wonderful season that unfolds before us, as we just celebrated the Feast of St. Monica, a strong and prayerful mother, an encouraging example to other mothers, a model for strength and hope!  Hope......maybe we home schooling moms should turn our eyes to St. Monica on this one!

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This last Sunday, a couple moms and myself got together at my home for a time of encouragement amongst us.  I find a need for support and for supporting other like-minded home schooling mothers, after the larger Catholic home schooling support group for moms that I helped co-lead over the last 12 years rather folded up for various reasons.  "Small groups" are now the thing, right?!  Well, I must admit I think this small group will nurture well and grow in Faith, Hope and Love....I think we will gain great support from one another to help in our continued task of domestic life and education at home for our children.

Things we asked ourselves and shared:  ...why do you home school?   .....what challenges do you face this year?.....We discovered we are not alone in our biggest recommendation is simply in the words of our Great Pope John Paul II:  Be not afraid!   It was obvious that none of us wants our children to adopt the value system or should I say non-value system of the secular world at large ...just in our communities alone....we could name quite a list of terrible items we are striving for our children to not fall into....So Christian morals, virtues and a strong foundation for not being swayed and pulled into the sinful and evil mainstream current of living and thinking that is all around us.  An enormous task...???? Not so, with so great a God as ours.  We decided to use Elizabeth Foss & Danielle Bean's devotional: Small Steps for Catholic Moms (with the accompanying journal) to assist us in our spiritual growth and discussion.  I feel "very good" indeed about this grouping and resource. That this publication utilizes "virtues" and their development is very timely for me personally, as I have been reading to my young children nightly from The Book of Virtues (William Bennett).   I see great things in our future this year!  So I must insist on wishing my mom-friends Happy New Year at this time...because for us, this is what it is all about:  a Happier, Healthier, and Blessed new year of home schooling ahead.

Please check out the book Small Steps for Catholic Moms at his link:


Megan said...

Thanks Denise, I hope I can help give you a boost when you need one, as you have done for me so many times, especially recently! I get so tired of my own whining, worrying! I hope you have a great year! Blessings, Megan

Denise said...

Thanks so much Megan - I know you can give me a boost! I think we are all going to have a better year - at least a stronger and more supported one to stay the course. Take care! talk soon, Denise