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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Make Way for School

"...and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again....ah ha ha ha ha ha..."

...A classic line to a Christmas song that gives way to a parent's sentiment as the holiday break seems to last forever...the same sentiment I hear from friends and family as they prepare to send their children back into the school schedule as we watch summer vacation come to an end.  But, we home schooling parents sing a different sentiment, don't we?  For the most part, our brood is with us 24/7.......with little "break".  After 14 years of home schooling with four children, I can't imagine anything different at this point; we weave our days together with our family in tow, all part and parcel of life, living, schooling, and the dynamics of building a Christian environment and home.  This is why, considering all we put into the recipe, one fleeting comment by someone on the outside, can really upset the apple cart.....A comment to a son or daughter like:...home schooled?  How did you ever make friends?...what DID you DO all day???  Such was a recent remark made to our oldest son, soon to be starting his Sophomore year in college.  It makes me think about how far home schooling has come in this it's we have large and wide, big home schooling support and activity groups left and right...and yet, how little the general public really knows about home schooling......*big sigh*.....big disappointment.....I will be honest to say that right now, I'm feeling a bit down....not let down...but just down regarding the ignorance that abounds.  In the workplace, where young teens learn to become responsible workers and attempt to find and pay their way ...there are politics...the politics of being judgmental, being somewhat prejudice.....they hear snickering of:....(he) she was home schooled...ha, that explains it all!  ....Explains this is why they are conscientious, have morals?....are polite, work hard and have good ethics.....?  Yes, Christian formation and schooling at home could explain a lot of it, a lot of why they are different in a solid and good way.....But that my sons or daughter have to explain or defend themselves in regard to having been home schooled into college....well, it disappoints me to imagine how much my husband and I have sacrificed to bring this lifestyle and child-rearing feat to fruition...yet to hear it bashed by the ignorant remarks of those who really know nothing of true education, work or sacrifice.  These are the thoughts whirling about in my mind today as I begin to look over our line-up for school at home this year; as I reflect upon many of the concepts in the wonderful book: The Book of Virtues (William J. Bennett), ...categories that include: self-discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendship....(ah yes, friendship...that's basically where this home schooling question began..."how did you ever make friends?!"); then work, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and Faith....yes, a big dose of FAITH please!

God bless all of you that are staying the course with home schooling....may God grant you all of the above and more as you press on.  May your child(ren) stay strong and true!


Megan said...

Ah, the teenagers often have those comments. Our own homeschooled kids have often turned it around and joked right back, but so far, we have not had too may negative comments. Used to be people expected them to all be brilliant if the were homeschooled, but even that has faded some - which is great because my kids were tired of strangers giving them pop quizzes!
I hope my kids grow up to reflect the same attitudes, work ethic, and outward goodness that your children do. They, along with the Gillis girls were part of the reason I made the decision to homeschool. I wanted my kids to be "those" kids. I wanted the wholesome, polite, smiling, kind children that homeschooling families tend to have. You have it, and Your kids will be better off in the world for it! Take heart - you have done a superb job, now we'll just wait around for the rest of the world to catch up!

Denise said...

Thanks Megan! You and your family are a wonderful part of our lives - at our parish, in our schooling and otherwise! Such a great family and for every downer on home schooling out there, it's encouraging and refreshing to know we have other families in full support, raising great kids we hope to know for the rest of our lives! Many blessings to you friend!!

Denise said...
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