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St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just Sayin'!

We just started our high school-home school this last Monday...(the younger ones won't start until next Tuesday after Labor Day).  But, what have I learned so far, in this, our 14th year of home education?  Well, as my daughter has delved into her first 12th grade courses, I can not say enough or cheer enough over the 12th grade Mother of Divine Grace straight-up plan.  Even if I were sending a child of mine to college early for whatever reason, I would not neglect to cover the Modg Advanced American Government & Economics, the Health and the Catholic Doctrine course. Together, they are THE BOMB!  The best!  I find these three, the absolute essentials and so brilliantly integrated and so strongly Catholic that I could not ever omit this regimen as each of my children move up through the ranks.  I'm told the Advanced American Gov & Econ course is THE COURSE - the course plate that the Modg student has been prepared to receive all along, as they strive steadily in their studious formation. I feel I want my children to have these courses while still in high school, even if they plan on going to a good Catholic college.  It is our last opportunity to forge and form in the awesome Catholic faith and what a great way to end a home schooling career with your child, then to be able to leave them out the door with this wonderful further knowledge and formation in their Faith.  They will be that much stronger and wiser and equipped - in my opinion - to take on the rigors and peer mates of college no matter where God may lead them.

While I am not always pleased to be enrolled in "a program", as I feel I can suitably do much of this on my own, and I do not care for enormous paperwork accountability or cost, I still must admit I am well pleased in having followed this plan.  The consistency and continuous growth each year, (formation over information) is very agreeable to my liberal arts mind and students at home.  To say that my college student is thriving in liberal arts is an understatement - he is devouring and flourishing in every aspect of it.  So yes, for this I am well pleased.  

I didn't always start out following Modg to a tee, but as I saw the inconsistent and sometimes haphazard manner in which others home educated, and the gaps they were encountering in their children's educations, I couldn't help but default totally to utilizing a program that was solid in all ways. 

And so, I am gearing up for another 12 years ahead of me.....and taking inventory and standing back in awe and gratitude.  And that gratitude is extended to those who have been there for me.....through all of know who you are!   God bless you abundantly!


Megan said...

Oh Denise, that's so great, and so what I wanted when I started all of this. Maybe if this year goes well, we will be able to switch to MODG in the future, if Kenzie stays home for High School.
So glad Doug is doing so well _ Meg is floundering, but has never, ever been a willing student. Ah, hopefully she will see soon what she needs to do! Blessings, Megan

Denise said...

Megan, it would be great if you could home school MacK through high school...If you did the virtual academy, just remember, she couldn't participate in the local home school group -- but if you followed Modg for high school, she could because it is technically home schooling by law. I don't always say this out loud, but knowing that money is an issue with all us right now(I'm rolling my eyes :) can do Modg w/o enrollment, and more and more as I see the info on the FAFSA form and what the colleges are asking for which is basically three things: a completed transcript, the FAFSA info sent to them, and college board test scores...I think you can keep your own transcript. I'll talk more about that in another post. Right now the money is a stretch for us, but the other night I rec'd such a thorough consultation from my Modg consultant on The Writing Road to Reading and how it covers a multitude of reading, writing and spelling sins!...I am grateful to be formally enrolled. More on that in another post also :) Take care,