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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, September 03, 2010

Singing the WRTR song....again...and liking it!

If you've seen it before, and said "ack! WRTR..." bah-humbug!....Take time to look at it again.  Seriously, I have discovered the ugliness of this program is really beauty in disguise!  The Writing Road to Reading covers a multitude of reading, writing and spelling sins!  After a lovely thorough consultation on this resource from my Mother of Divine Grace teacher reviewer, I have come away ready to tackle this course this year with my two younger students.  I have done WRTR in the past, in a scattered and unguided manner...aimlessly really...and should have stuck it out.  I'm just fortunate that my children so far have been excellent readers and average to above-average spellers and two of them have proven to be far above average writers.  When Modg has been criticized for not being "big on writing", I find this far from the truth.  Our oldest is a wonderful writer - his college professors greatly impressed with his written expression.  So, I feel confident Modg "knows what they are doing" in regard to college preparatory. 

Home study programs are wise in recommending the WRTR as it helps alleviate reading and spelling problems right for the get-go, especially for those with processing disabilities or dyslexics  -- but go to the Spalding site yourself and read about it.  It's as simple as having the WRTR book, flashcards, composition book w/pencil to start the program with your child(ren). 

So, I'm pulling this gem back off the shelf, and singing it's praises again.....won't you sing along with me? :)

(My personal use: I use the Fourth Edition of WRTR and the Wanda Sanseri "Teaching Reading at Home" guide, which could probably be found used at used book sources)


Megan said...

I would for sure be the one saying "ugh". I could never find my way around that book, for some reason, probably because I tried a couple of different companions, hoping to clue in, and never really tried.

Denise said...

Oh Megan, lol - yes I know! Tip, if you have the Teaching Reading at Home guide by Wanda Sanseri, it's the one highly recommended by my consultant anyway...I can see why, as I have several guides too, but when ahead and took her recommendation. I also had a nearly two hour consult with her on the phone on how to utilize the entire program - she teaches that and will take phone appts (there is a charge) but it's worth it to get you on your way and understanding using the WRTR book and the guide and how to do the Daily Grind with WRTR.