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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Different Year life has been taking a new direction these days.  It certainly has a different feel to it.  With two older children not here in the daily dynamics of the household, and just two younger boys 24/7,  it's a change for sure. I realize how much busyness happened the last 15 yrs in our daily homeschooling lifestyle! Wow!  A lot of work for sure!  Now, this year isn't anything like I had thought it would be.  We are rather free this year; as I did not spend the tuition enrolling formally in home study program we use.  We are still utilizing the lesson plans of the program, with very few adjustments.  But because we travel to so much therapy a couple times a week now - and this will continue throughout the school year, I just couldn't bear the stress of being quite so accountable/documenting school for the program.  It's enough to have to follow protocol and documentation for the state of Ohio at this time.  So in a way, it feels good to be "free" from that particular aspect, free to move about without the pressure of deadlines and accountability.  

The boys have started school and are really liking what they are doing.  I will just have to enforce us sticking to it.  It will seem like a lighter year than most, but because the program is so accelerated to begin with, they are likely to remain right on course.  

So, as I prepare to face the day of school and therapy today, I keep our progress and successes in mind.  I still feel so blessed to have the option of home education and the freedom in this country to do so as I see more of a need of it in my younger two children.  They are growing healthier and happier - and with their special needs, I wish to continue to give them uniquely and individually all they need to grow into independent adults capable of being responsible for their selves in this tough and challenging world.  I hope and pray.....

Have a beautiful day wherever you are!


scmom (Barbara) said...

We are having quite a different year too, with just one left at home. Wishing you a blessed year!

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

You are so good, Denise. As we started our school year, and the children calling me constantly, Mom, can you help me.... all I could think of was that this is how it is going to be for the next gazillion years. And that scared me to pieces! We still play it by ear every year, never swearing that we will homeschool, or e-school (which, actually, creates more work for me than homeschooling did, somehow), forever. There are days, for sure, when I wish and pray for a better option. Right now, this is still the best option. You need to give attitude lessons! You and Vicki keep saying we need to encourage Kelly - and in my mind I want to tell her "Runnnnn! Run fast and don't look back, because once you are in it, you are TRAPPED!" I don't always feel that way, but I do a lot of the time. I have never been able to talk my heart into giving this freely to my kids. It is always begrudging. I hate that about myself. Truly, the only reasons I do it are ...(this is where I list the hundred reasons, and remember a little of why I do it). So, good for you, I admire your attitude!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Oh Megan...pooey ..I'm not so good! lol!..but thank you for your kind words! And you are better than you give yourself credit for! is absolutely a very hard job,...there is no way around it...but I think to prepare spiritually for it is the biggest aspect of it - it is a hard calling...but with the grace of God and sacrament of Marriage you can find the joy and selflessness in it. It is really living your marriage vocation and child rearing to the fullest. And I think you are definitely that kind of woman!...When we meet as women with the same like-mindedness of what we are attempting todo with our children, form them, give them a solid Catholic formation, and continue that with ourselves, it really helps us accept and perform better our calling for sure. Kelley's kids are so excited and happy right now about being schooled at home...we are going to try to meet with her the first Sunday of the month after church in the basement...if you can do it great..I might actually meet with her myself this Sunday too ...she is anxious for support and talking with others. I'm glad to see others rising in the ranks beyond us who are left of the original core group..that inspires me and gives me hope that what we do is an important reminder out there in the salt and light to others....that you can save your children from the garbage out there and form them in their Faith == what a gift to them! It's the best gift you can give to them...Just remember, Mother Teresa said there will be time to sleep in heaven....Love ya!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Barbara, Thank you, and I know you're down to Peach now! Good going lady!...I hope you have a great year. How nice to have a sweet daughter left as your last one...girl power :) I'm surrounded by the guy-thing right now! lol! Many blessings to you - Denise