St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, September 05, 2011

New things new beginnings...old things made new!

So much has happened since I last posted.  We finished our attic project, and re-did the extra room Doug moved out of and made it our own.  It's so peaceful and pleasant in this room.  And the attic is so insulated and quiet, I hear, that it's quite the haven.  Now I have one more room to dress up, only need to paint one wall in it and tidy up.  The boys need another dresser, just a small one will do, and we're good to go.  This week I will begin some school with them, not full days yet, that begins next week.  This week we also go for language therapy for Mark for the first time.  I'm hoping all will go off without a hitch as it was discovered my neurology script for language therapy had expired by two months.  It apparently happened while I was on the waiting list to get into a particular facility that is closest to us.  Doesn't it figure!?  And, I because Michael wasn't doing really well a few months ago I neglected to get back in for Mark's neurology follow-up (there wasn't must to report, so I didn't attempt hard enough to do so), and apparently this neurologist is a real stickler for follow ups.  Now she's out of the country and can't personally renew the script.  The nurse was going to have an interim doctor do it if he could.  They are aware of waiting lists all over the place for such treatments, so that might get us up and going again.  I will be so heartbroken is this therapy appt. falls through :(  It's also with a gal from our church who Mark knows and we are very excited to get started with her.  Say some prayers for us!

So....a few pics of the attic remodel, and the re-done room.....

Doug's old bedroom - pretty cramped up -- that we changed into our room.

Such a pleasant peaceful room!

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