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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beauty Budget

Recently I took my mother and myself for our much needed eye exams.  My mother did well and got some lovely new eye glasses, and they are working good for her.  I however, need to return to the eye glass store and have mine re-evaluated.  They are first time bifocals for me, progressive lenses, and I love the upper part of them, but the lower part is way so slim and tiny to read from….like I need more of that area to do reading, and maybe less of the above part to see distance.  Well, for $350+ I think this needs to be made right.

Which brings me to budget.  My husband already works two jobs.  One regular day job, and an evening job a couple days a week to help make up the slack or lack of my not working.  Yes, there are days I wish we could be getting two hefty pay checks in this house.  I can only dream!  But, my vocation as mother, wife and home educator of my children takes precedence right now. 

There are some beauty items and just regular items that I do without…although we did splurge in the spring and buy some great deals of Arbonne products, which are just to die for!  …what an extravagance for me!  So, it’s not like I can afford $40 skin cleanser….and I don’t expect to ….I would feel totally guilty using it for sure!…that could buy a bag of groceries and fill up a gas tank.  So instead, I have some secrets that I’ve used through the years…one of which is this creamy, clean and hypoallergenic skin cleanser that can be easily bought in the drugstore, and can even be purchased as a generic.  Dermatologists have recommended it since the 70s at least.  It is great for sensitive skin, and skin using acne preparations.  Originally made by Cetaphil and just called Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.  Again, you can buy it as generic and even save more.  It feels luxurious without the cost!

Also another skin care item I have used since the 70s, is simply Witch Hazel.  I usually buy Dickinson’s brand, pure and safe, and just use it as a toner morning and night before applying moisturizers and make-up.  I think it has helped my skin be healthier through the years.

So, there you have it.  Two simple products, both available for about a total of $13.00 together. 

Okay, now I wish my eye glasses could be this easy!

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