St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

All in a day’s work….

Soooo busy is quite an understatement.  I apologize for not being timely with my blogging lately, but life happens….and happens…and happens!!!  Sometimes in big unrelenting doses!  Thus has been my life lately.  Between many, many appointments and wrapping my brain around how sick my one son had been for several months (and is still recovering - lost 10 pounds!)….I am still worried about him, so among so many other things going on, he is still my top priority.  Getting him well is my drive right now.

We did begin our home schooling.  So far, so good and I am enjoying how this year is looking.  I am once again falling in love with our classical curriculum and the intelligence is builds.  The literature is absolutely healthy and educational…….my 13 yr old is enrolled this year with an on line literature club for his medieval history course through our home study provider, so he will have a teacher led - student discussion of all his awesome literature.  He just finished Fingal’s Quest a wonderful story about a young man who wishes to follow St. Columban. The rest of his literature includes:

The Story of the ChurchAugustine Came to Kent, Son of Charlemagne, The Magna Charta, and Adam of the Road, King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table, The Door in the Wall, Francis & Claire, Adam of the Road, .St. Dominic & the Rosary and Cathedral, The Black Arrow.  Along with Old World & America textbook as a spine to the literature. 

This is just a glimpse …we are continuing with Latin study, Religion, Pre-Algebra, Latin grammar/English, vocabulary, Physical and Environmental Science, selected Shakespeare passages for poetry study,  water color painting, Art History along with classical music study.

My third grader is doing similar courses, including Latin & Greek Root Cards, Bible History/Catechism, Poetry, American History and geography, language arts, health, science, math, music and art study, including water color painting.  It’s a full year.  We are also continuing to focus on comprehension, listening skills, retelling, not interrupting, raising our hand, looking at people in the face when they talk to you, and when you are talking.  In a word: Formation.  It needs a lot of practice for sure.  When it comes along it clearly turns one young man from an uncivilized little elf to a more respectable little boy with some charms :)

Well this is all I can manage to muster this time around……my father in law will be turning 90 in a couple weeks, so we will be celebrating that one!  I’ll try to check in then, if I don’t make it before that!   God bless!

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