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St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Art of Natural Family Planning

….the real deal.  Not the propped up façade of organizations like Planned Parenthood that would lead you to believe they help you “family plan” by their title. HA.  They are anything but family friendly or family building, or health oriented on behalf of women. BUT,this blog post isn’t going there with that,….this is meant to inform and refresh your thoughts on body biology, the way it really works, or doesn’t work in accord with nature and how you can get pregnant!

I’m writing this to help a few lovely couples I know currently – to give them hope and ultimately give them a share in creation through the graces of God.  I believe our great Creator gifted us with all we need to procreate and bare children in his image and likeness.  I think we tinker too much with the natural and normal processes that allow us to conceive and enjoy the fruits of God’s blessings upon us.  This may not be all the reason why a couple can not seem to conceive. But, this is a run-down, not at all comprehensive, but what you need to think about, consider, and take action toward to get results.

The details:  it’s always in the details!

You may be having infertility problems, it may be just you, or both you and your spouse.  Maybe you’ve had some diagnostic testing done, maybe you know a little about what’s going on – unless there is something serious in the way of your conceiving, like a disease, a blockage, etc., then really there is a lot you can do for yourselves to improve your fertility.

Because I helped coach alongside our natural family planning teachers at our church for twelve years, and have been a registered promoter of Couple to Couple League for many years, and because I had infertility issues myself, I do know some sound practices to begin with.  (The Art of Natural Family Planning course)

FIRST: Please get and read the book, Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon.  I have personally spoke to Marilyn and she is a wonderful counselor.  I know how frustrating it can be to be disappointed cycle after cycle with no pregnancy.  Your first line of defense is NUTRITION, and Supplements

If you have been on birth control pills your female body biology needs rehabilitated…the longer…the more rehabilitation.  Going against nature is never a good thing…and masking your natural cycle with monthly hormones makes it very difficult for your female organs to respond to nature.  You have either a) suppressed ovulation altogether, preventing the release of the ova for fertilization, or b) the ova has been successfully fertilized but the lining of the uterus has been so altered by hormones it is a hostile environment for the newly conceived life to embed and be nourished…and thus dies off. [there are moral implications here as you can see as a Christian].

Change course.  You will want to take a powerful supplement, or two or three.  Your spouse will want to take a few supplements as well.  Here are some excellent choices:

For women you are looking for nourishing the female organs – so Optivite is a great overall powerful vitamin.  Flax Seed oil capsules are good for women also (as long as you are not allergic to flax).  [1]

For men, you need Vitamin C guys!  How about a great supplement like Androvite to get you  started. It has 400 mg of Vit C, although you could even go a bit higher (500)  Adequate Vit C will help with sperm production and sperm that clumps together. Androvite contains the combination of vitamin and minerals needed to combat low fertility in men.  [1]

So, you are reading your book on fertility & nutrition, you are taking your supplements.  You are also now taking your BASAL temp, You will need an awesome Basal Temp Thermometer.  if you are the woman, every waking morning at the same time before you get out of bed.  You are charting that temp, on the special Nfp charts [2] (or basal chart that may come with the thermometer) …..and you are learning the pattern of your cycle….is it 21 days?  27 28 days?  Is it 30 days?  45 ?  You are learning that 28-31 is normal, and somewhere toward the middle of that you are likely seeing a slight rise upward pattern that indicates ovulation --

You are not only charting your daily morning basal temperatures…you are watching for and charting different qualities of womanly mucus discharge also….there is fertile mucus that is very copious and stretchy and there is dried up to none at all, infertile mucus.  Mucus can really tell you a lot about when you can get pregnant. 

Per infertility instructions, you are not having relations every day, or even every other day…but you are waiting at least 4-5 days, if not 7-9 building up good sperm production and quality, and trying to coincide your relations with your charting of optimum basal temps and fertile mucus signs.

You are praying.  You are waiting.  You are not losing hope because God has a plan for you and has led you to this information to help you continue on your journey as a couple that wishes and yearns to become parents. Romans 5: 1-5   1 Samuel 1:26-28   Romans 12:12

If you are Catholic, and believe that the eternal soul of others are still friends to those of us on our earthly journey, and as friends ask other friends to pray for them – we ask our heavenly friends that have gone before us to pray for us on earth….then, you may want to ask for the prayers of St. Gerard Majella on behalf of your desire to conceive:

A Prayer to St. Gerard for Motherhood

O glorious Saint Gerard, powerful intercessor before God, and wonder worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your help. You who always fulfilled God's will on earth, help me to do God's holy will. Intercede with the Giver of life, from whom all parenthood proceeds, that I may conceive and raise children who will please God in this life, and be heirs to the kingdom of heaven, I ask for your prayers and God’s will to be done. Amen.

And truly may God bless you with all you need ~


[1] Optimox company

[2] Basal Temp Chart, Baby Center (This is not a CCL Nfp official chart, but it will do in a pinch)

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