St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, March 14, 2014

March Madness….

…really and truly, I feel I am afflicted with it!

I don’t think I’ve ever encountered quite as long and hard of a winter as this one we are inching our way out of.  I can’t imagine how our pioneer and pilgrim ancestors managed!  I just know God knows I am a wimp!…and allowed my life span to exist on this chronological time line of some technology and machinery that helps assist to bring some comforts during terrible incredible weather events.


To say the least, hauling up at home has helped us be productive in our school work.  Mark has already finished up history and soon, Latin and science.  Michael is nearing the end with Algebra and Latin; still at least 10 weeks to go for a truly spectacular year for these guys.  I am so pleased with their progress and how much they’ve accomplished and learned this year.

Both boys have also made great progress with their varying challenges; between autism spectrum disorder and anxiety disorder, we have done so much and both sons have made their own personal leaps.

On another note, life just doesn’t stop giving and taking away.   My husband’s employer of the last 35 years passed away earlier this week after a year long battle with stomach and liver cancer.  She was an only child, adopted, and the burial vault family business fell to her when her father, the founder, passed away many years ago.  She left her other job position and took on the business.  My husband and all his brothers and father worked for this company throughout it’s entire existence so far; my father-in-law being a foreman and retiring from the business.  So my husband has put in about 38 years there.  The business can continue, but there are many changes to take place as his employer was the last in line to run the business.  She has left the company to my husband, one of his brothers that works there, and two other employees, to do with it as they see fit. So lots of meetings, and  lots of life changing events.

In the meantime, we await the funeral.  What a special and wonderful person in general, and spectacular business woman we must say good-bye to.  She was an excellent employer and really looked out for her employees supplying them with good medical insurance and profit sharing and was always fair and supportive…..we are so grateful that for 25 years of our married lives with four children, my husband worked under these wonderful conditions.  May this admirable person rest in the peace of Christ and comfort of heaven.  I will personally never forget how good she was to those in her charge. 


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