St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Always Have a Plan(ner)!

There is no doubt this family has been on the go, go, go, high speed railway for the last two months! Some of it's good, and some, well...stressful.  I have a tight full schedule that seems neverending, but November brings me much needed relief; November smiles on me, thankfully, with a couple much needed weekend breaks.

One item that has been a literal godsend to me, especially since I began working, is an 18 month calendar planner.  Yes, I know there's plenty out there.  My pastor even gifts me with one each year, an ecclesiatical one, so he and I can be in sync with our schedules.  That one is kept opened to the week, near the phone at all times.

The beautiful and inspiring planner I purchased came from and it's quite lovely as well as practical. Mine is called the 18 month Wildflower "With God All Things Are Possible" planner.

I love this planner because it's packed with inspirational verses and quotes throughout.  It gives me encouragement in my vocation and job and helps me to plan carefully.  It's one of my favorite things!

If you don't yet use a planner, I recommend it.  I carry this one with me so I can see at a glance my schedule.  Christianbook also carries many other beautiful calendar planners.

May God bless all your plans -- keep HIM in your plans always!

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