St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Autumn Wedding Memories

Today we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. It was a similar day, only a little more colorful and blustery....and it reminded me of how quickly time passes, and yet how some things remain the same. Maybe that's a good thing, eh?

My spouse and I owe each other a dinner out...with his work schedule, life is all too busy at the moment. But we had a nice exchange of gifts and cake with our children and enjoyed a quiet evening.

Later tonight, I prepared everything needed for our co-op. I'm teaching guitar/singing this year to a couple of lovely twin young ladies, and we are really enjoying ourselves. We have a regular Dixie Chicks kind of thing going on :) The ladies have introduced me to one of their favorite current songs, 6'-2" by Marie Miller, who I discovered is a lovely folk Christian artist from Virginia, and attended Christendom. I've been teaching her song to my students, and it's been wonderful to sing this sweet tune. I introduced the gals to my favorite Colbie Caillat songs, Brighter Than the Sun, Bubbly and Fallin' for You, and we've learned three patriotic songs, three traditional hymns, and are working on four Christmas songs among our repertoire. It's been a delight to have extra singers along, so a total of five voices and three guitars. I love to have others playing a singing. It a joy to teach my western guitar picking and strumming and tips and tricks to a new generation.

So, as I close down the technology for the evening, I leave you with this lovely video of Marie Miller and the song we've come to love and sing each week.

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