St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, June 19, 2006

"If love is patient and kind,' how can the person who is fainthearted in the troubles that befall him and who consequently deals wickedly with those who offend him, cutting himself away from love for them, help but fall away from the purpose of divine Providence?

Be on guard lest the vice that separates you from your brother be not found in your brother but in you; and hasten to be reconciled to him, lest you fall away from the commandment of love.

What separates you from the love of friends is this: envying or being envied, hurting or being hurt, insulting or being insulted, and suspicious thoughts. May you never have done or experienced any of these things by which you might be separated from your friend's love.

A temptation came upon you from your brother, and the hurt led you to hate. Do not be overcome with hate but overcome hate with love. You will prevail in this way; pray for him sincerely to God, accept his apology, or else come up with an apology for him yourself, think of yourself as the cause of the temptation, and be patient until the cloud has passed by."

Age-old words of wisdom from Saint Maximus the Confessor (+662) that still apply today. Being a person who is currently not being given the opportunity to reconcile a situation these words penetrate deeply. "...come up with an apology for him yourself....", an interesting spiritual thought;..."and be patient until the cloud has passed by." Yes, patience.

Recently I was reading from the Simple Abundance Daybook of Comfort and Joy; while it seems new-agey in some parts (those familiar with it know what I mean), it does contain much good to ponder and nourish oneself with not necessary from a spiritual point of view, but certainly it can be spiritualized from a Christian view. I came across the day of October 18, titled: A Lesson from Loss. So very powerful. You know, the truth is, life is too short to hold grudges, write people off and not make as many attempts as possible to work it out and redeem, redeem, redeem the day, the relationships, the very environment and quality of what each day of our lives presents to us. Sometimes, mundane, sometimes, disappointing, sometimes a surprise. As Christians isn't that the bring the Christian dimension and dynamic to ordinary life? The gospel message and values. Live them out?

Is there someone you could make life more pleasant for? Someone who is waiting to hear from you, whom you could uplift by a simple call or note? It could be that simple; while other situations may prove to be more complex, let's think about how we can simplify even the most sticky and challenging, with love, a forgiving heart and a chance to begin again anew. Isn't that what Our Lord has done for us?


Lynn Stewart said...

Oh Denise, this is yet another of your posts that I will keep aside in a special place. These words really found their place in my heart tonight.
God Bless and thank you.

Denise said...

Thanks Lynn. I like this one too :) A good reminder.