St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Letter of Spiritual Counsel, St. John of the Cross

Jesus be in your soul, my daughter in Christ.
In reading your letter I felt sorry for you in your affliction, and I grieve over it because of the harm it can do to your spirit and even your health. But you ought to know that I don't think you should be as afflicted as you are. For I do not see in Our Father any kind of dissatisfaction with you or even any recollection of such a thing. And even if he may have had some, now with your repentance it would be lessened. I will take care to speak well of the matter. Do not be troubled or pay any attention to this, for you have no reason to. I certainly believe it is a temptation the devil brings to your mind so that what should be employed in God is taken up with this.

Be courageous, my daughter, and give yourself greatly to prayer, forgetting this thing and that, for after all we have no other good or security or comfort than this, for after having left all for God, it is right that we not long for support or comfort in anything but him, and it is still a great mercy....."

Fray John of the Cross

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