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St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Opus Sanctorum Angelorum: Work of the Holy Angels

"From the very beginning our Lord exhorted His disciples to pray the Father to send laborers into the harvest (Mt 9:39). St. Paul, in turn, implored the prayers of the faithful for himself (cf. 1 Thess 5:25; Rom 15:30, etc.), mindful surely that even as a priest, he carried the treasure of divine grace in a vessel of clay (cf. 2 Cor 4:7).

Current scandals in the priesthood recall to our minds that prayers for priests are urgently needed. To this we may also add a spirit of sacrifice and reparation. "Lord," we may be inclined to ask, "did you not sow good seeds in your field? How then does it have weed?" (Mt 13:27). In good part, the bad seed that the enemy has sown is a spirit of worldliness, pleasure and comfort that led to a break down in sexual morals to the break down of the family which, in turn, went to seed in still greater sexual perversity and spiritual blindness. A band aid will not remedy the situation; what is needed is a deep and genuine conversion of hearts by the people of God, beginning, hopefully, with the priests. To this end we wish to implore the merciful Father for the sake of His Son." (click this LINK for more; excerpt from the Work of the Holy Angels "Spiritual Adoption Program.")

What a great website and apostolate this article comes from:
Opus Sanctorum Angelorum.

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