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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Advent Reflection Revisted

I thought this was a particularly good examen to reflect on; taken from the Magnificat Advent Companion.

(Father Richard Veras)

Advent Examination of Conscience:

R. "Come, Lord Jesus!"

For the times I forgot that I need a Savior, and arrogantly conceive of myself as sufficient to myself. R.

For the times that I do not believe Jesus and instead give in to the lie of perceiving God the Father as being indifferent or hostile to my well-being. R.

For the times that I trust my self-pitying accusations more than the Father's love. R.

For the times I desecrate the presence of Christ by making my own opinions, my own criteria, or my own likes and dislikes the measure for measuring circumstances of life and other people. R.

For the times I have shunned the presence of Christ, whether it be his sacramental presence or his presence through the people he puts in my life. R.

For the times I have blasphemed the presence of Christ through using other human beings as things that I can manipulate or use for my own selfish ends. R.

For the times I disregarded the will of Christ through abuse of those things he has given me for the building up of his kingdom. R.

For the times that I justify my sinfulness and thus treat God's mercy with disdain. R.

God our Father, open to us your promised fountain of mercy, the Word made flesh, to wash our sins and impurities away. Prepare us to welcome our Savior who dwells among us. Pour forth, we beseech you, Father, your grace into our hearts, that we to whom the incarnation of Christ your Son, is to be made known anew through the sacrament of confession may by his passion and cross be brought to the glory of his resurrection through the same Christ our Lord.



Esther said...

Hi Denise:
We are using the Advent Companion too! Isn't it a great little book. Thanks for posting the Examination of Conscience.
God bless,

Denise said...

I think the Magnificat devotional is very nice - I pray the liturgy of the hours, but just can't let go of Magnificat to help sustain my scheduled prayer; it's so nice to have access to the daily readings, meditations and all those blesseds and saints!

The Advent companion has been a nice addition.

This examen just spoke to me - it has "me" written all over it :) I better get straightened out here!