St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

About Those Christmas Cards
Wouldn't you know.....I usually buy my Christmas cards from a pro-life source, or an abbey or monastery.  I like American made, produced.  And I like our proceeds to help fund a good cause, and more preferably a pro-life organization.  Well, I bought a quick box of American Greetings Christmas cards today at our local drugstore, because the Madonna and child were truly beautiful, I was getting antsy, and the verse on the card was beautifully religious.  Got them home, and got to looking at them closer, and wouldn't you know: Made in China ):  I was so disappointed.  Well, I opened the box up and inspected the cards themselves, the cards do not say Made in China, in fact, they say: AGC, Cleveland Ohio. any rate, something affiliated with these cards has to do with Made in China!
My suggestion is to always look to some good sources for your Christmas cards.  I have gotten our last years cards from Couple to Couple League, a good family focused pro-life Catholic NFP organization.  In fact, I have an order in now......I'll be patient :-)

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