St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A' la Carte

I've been so busy lately and not able to blog as often as I'd like. But there is plenty of good blogging going on out there. Here are a few interesting articles I've come across lately:

At Oswald Sobrino's Catholic Analysis there are several worthwhile reads; a recent one on homeschooling being hailed by the Archbishop of Atlanta; Legitimate Diversity is another good one.

Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii always makes me smile :)...when she's not causing me to pause and take spiritual inventory.....(I smile then too!). Her post Lenten Resolution - Spring Cleaning, is a favorite, and you will find many, many posts worth your time.

And also, a Deacon - seminarian friend of ours gave a homily not too long ago that I think is not only a great bridge-builder where disunity within the Church is concerned but certainly a most hopeful message.

Finally, if you are able to download podcasts, our former pastor is podcasting his homilies this new year. You can find them at this LINK.

Let me know if you come across something interesting that you'd like to pass my way.

God bless!

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Esther said...

Thank you Denise! I look forward to visiting the other blogs you mentioned.
God bless,