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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Benefits of Frequent Confession

Confession in Daily Life
PART III: The Fruitful Use of the Sacrament
By Father Paul K. Raftery, O.P.

Despite the abundant outpouring of grace taking place in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it will be of little or no profit to us unless we come with the proper disposition of mind and heart. As was pointed out in the last issue of Light and Life, God can only do for us what we allow Him to accomplish. The fruit that can come from Confession will not automatically appear simply by confessing on a frequent basis. For a person confessing frequently, but carelessly, mechanically, Confession will at best be an experience of spiritually running in place. There will be little progress in leaving sins and imperfections behind. It is quite possible that after years of such frequent but thoughtless Confession a person can be still struggling with the same sins as before. Avoiding such spiritual stagnancy is the concern of this final issue in our series on Confession.

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Fr. Raftery refers to this book in the article above: Frequent Confession by Benedict Baur.

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