St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Taking a Break / Being a Light to Others...

I am destined to take a much needed "spring break ". We are so very busy at this time, including our oldest son's Wisdom Teeth surgery, we are dealing with computer problems....which I hope to have resolved soon.... I leave you for a time. My prayers and well wishes to all my friends who stop by.....I'll be back at a later date; until then, God bless you the remainder of this beneficial Lenten season.

"In our prayer to-day, we can ask ourselves: Do I dedicate sufficient time to my religious formation, or do I allow myself to become absorbed by the other things that fill each day? Do I have a plan for reading, reviewed in spiritual guidance, which will help me make progress in doctrinal formation according to my age and background? Am I faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, knowing that there I find the light of truth rather than the contradictory opinions I often come across in matters of faith, social teaching, etc? Do I try to get to know the teachings of the Popes and to make them known? Do I respect them with piety and docility? Do I frequently rectify my intention, offering up all my actions to God, taking into account our tendency to seek applause, recognition and praise for what we do? Am I constantly aware that this is often where the deformation of one's conscience begins?

We need light and clarity, both for ourselves and for those around us. This is our big responsibility. The Christian has been placed by God as a lamp to light up, for others the way towards God. We ought to educate ourselves to face the rush of people who are going to press upon us with a specific and urgent question: 'Well then, what must I do?' [Escriva, Furrow, 221] Children, relatives, colleagues, friends, they all look to our behaviour and we have the responsibility of leading them to God. And so that the blind person's guide is not himself also blind [Matt15:14], it is not enough to have second-hand knowledge or mere hearsay. To lead our friends and relatives to God, a vague and superficial knowledge of the route is not enough; we need to have walked it ourselves........."

(from Lenten volume of: In Conversation with God)


scmom said...

Take care!

Esther said...

You will be missed Denise.
God bless.

Denise said...

Thanks Ladies,
I peek in every now and then - but don't have much time lately.

I did see the Wedding Meme at Esther's -- will be glad to do that when I get some time back! :)

God bless,