St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Visit from the Bishop

It's been a busy time here in the life of family and church. I'm enjoying our Bishop's visit so far. He has come on a special pastoral visit for the week. He began this weekend by saying the Saturday evening masses - and our Michael got to serve one of them and was very excited to work with Bishop Conlon. Then on Sunday, Bishop came to visit our parish religious education classes -- we had our regularly scheduled music with the children (I play guitar and lead the kids with the help of our children's choir director), and the Bishop even tried all the hand motions :-) I'm impressed! I then took him on a further tour of the classes, heard some wonderful messages he imparted to our youth, before bidding him farewell as he went off to our sister parish in the adjacent town, to visit their religious ed classes also - altho' I help oversee that program as well - I had to stay with my 2nd grade class (all 22 of them this year; Jubilee babies?).

Last evening our own teens, Doug and Jamie went to the "teens" session with Bishop Conlon and they really liked it. Tonight, I attend the "Catechists" session and I'm looking forward to it. I could really use a pep talk when it comes to religious ed. I hope to glean some benefits from this session. I can use all the boost I can get.

Bishop Conlon is a very nice gentleman. I've enjoyed listening to him and allowing him to enter into our lives in a more connective way, doing what he does as Bishop, shepherd us, in this great diocese of Steubenville.

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Esther said...

How wonderful for your parish and Rel Ed class Denise!