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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This years' homeschooling line-up....

This year in our homeschooling line-up, we have an 11th grade son, a 9th grade daughter and a third grade son. Our youngest son will turn four on Oct 1st.

We are enrolled with Mother of Divine Grace and have used them for our Catholic homeschooling all these years.

Our curriculum pretty much reads like the back of the Emmanuel Books catalog!....if you are familiar with that catalog.

Our oldest son has a very full curriculum which includes:

Religion: Fr. Laux series continues, this year with Introduction to the Bible
Math: Algebra II (Saxon)
Language: Spanish I (Power-Glide)
Spanish & English History & Literature: Christ the King, Lord of History; along with much literature reading: currently, Churchill's History of the English- Speaking Peoples, and soon Beowulf begins.
Biology (J.Wile's Apologia series): Exploring Creation with Biology
Art: Doug takes from a teacher and continues his great drawing with Rapidograph ink; he has several pieces he'll enter in a festival competition this October.

Our new high schooler, our daughter's curriculum for ninth grade includes:
Religion: Fr. Laux's texts: Chief Truths of the Catholic Faith, and Catholic Morality
Math: Algebra I, (Saxon)
Language: Henle Latin continues, 2nd year
Grammar arts: Warriner's Grammar & Composition 3rd Course
History: text: Christ & the Americas; American History with a lot of literature reading, first up, time period covered: Exploration & Colonization. She is beginning with The Scarlet Letter, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Evangelization of the New World, Americans: the Colonial Experience.
Science: Earth Science study
Music: Jamie continues with her piano lessons; and art is a variety of measures for her! She just finished art classes for the summer.

Michael, our third grader:
Religion: St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1; Knecht's Bible History for Children
Math: Arithmetic 3 (Abeka)
Language: English from the Roots Up, root cards
Grammar: Lingua Mater, Primary Language Lessons; Spelling: Writing Road to Reading
History: How Are Nation Began, and Our American Heritage; Map Skills, States & Capitals Cards
Science: Exploring God's World
Music: Reading Music (Hayes), and recorder/piano and most importantly, listening to a series of classical masterpieces as scheduled in his syllabus (we use The Music Masters Cds) And the Classical Kids audios. Really nice!
Art: Michael does a variety and also just completed art lessons for the sumemr, but formally we use the Mommy, It's a Renoir art program for art enrichment with our younger children.

Mark, our 4 year old. Yes! We must include him; what does he do all day while we are instructing the other children?
Religion: we recite prayers and learn to make the sign of the cross; we look at lots of nice religion books like My Jesus and I (Fr. Morrow).
Math: we know our numbers! We use lots of hands-on items, from puzzle pieces to magnet numbers. We also watch Leap Frog videos, and we use Winnie-the Pooh early learner CD-Roms, (Mark has good computer etiquette and does nicely at the computer); and the Leap Frog lap-board system.
Language: we're still working on English!
History: immediate family :-)
Science: we can pick up bees with our bare-hands!
Music: We sing, we dance, we shimmey.....We listen to a lot of music - we like Mozart a lot.

The image is The Angel and the Mother, (Janmot) and is featured on the front cover of October's Magnifcat Devotional. Simply captivating!


melanie said...

What rich plans you have for the children... How do you like the MODG plans? Did you start with the grade one ones? I have always looked at them wistfully, thinking how much easier it would be to stay on track if I had plans.. but then I like to 'be my own boss' and always change things around.. (the never ending dillema)

Thaks for the comment on my blog... no I don't think I know you, but maybe we've seen eachother online in passing. I LOVE having the internet to be able to connect to other homeschooling catholic moms out there. I never feel alone.

Denise said...

Hi Melanie,
I was thinking maybe we met through a homeschooling loop (4 Real Learning, or CCM, or something).

I like Modg a lot. It's flexible enough and includes a lot of "real learning" in the early years, and a lot of great literature all through.

It's so nice to meet other homeschooling moms/families on the journey!

God bless!

Denise said...

Oops, Melanie, I forgot to say; I didn't start with the "syllabi" in the younger grades at first. I used Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum (the book), by Laura Berquist to put together our curriculum. Later, I began to use the syllabi, and even later, we enrolled with the school and now follow the syllabi, because it is primarily the lesson plan vehicle for the grade levels. Of course, Laura Berquist the founder and director of Mother of Divine Grace.


Arty4ever said...

For a nifty study aid to help visual learners memorize the 50 states and capitals using flash cards with funny cartoons, check out: