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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our Homeschooling: How It Began, Part II

So, I was undecisive as to whether we would really home educate. I thought it would be a good education, I wasn't worried about socialization or anything negative, and I knew there were laws that allowed us to keep our children home and educate them. But, what would others think? I somehow couldn't quite get myself to agree to it; I prayed and prayed that God would actually just "give me the answer" so I could say "yes or no" to this commitment, and I left it at that....then....

When I was pregnant with our second child, and my oldest son was nearing 2 years of age, we discovered he had a peanut allergy. A pretty serious one. Upon one of our several visits to the pediatric allergist, the subject of "school" came up - the doctor said [and I quote].."you can monitor what he eats and any peanut exposure vigilantly, but the hardest thing will be when he goes to school....." Quite off the cuff I said immediately: "..well, maybe we just won't send him to school..." and then the doctor picked up quickly..."I have many families who home school their children that have these kinds of serious allergies...there is no reason why he couldn't be homeschooled if two parents agreed this would be a suitable alternative...."

Well, I couldn't believe it! I wasn't even thinking: "homeschooling" when I made my remark - really, I was just saying we wouldn't send him to school.....

Later, I thought to myself: could we have those remarks written on your prescription pad??

Well, I felt very confidently that I - we, had received our answer, and we have literally not looked back since, but if only to recall how God has worked in our lives.

Update: Being the kind of person that believes nothing is by mistake, or accident or default when it comes to God's purpose and plan for our lives, I look with far more depth and value at the gift of homeschooling and how it was arranged for us. I should add: "Catholic" homeschooling; because indeed, it is a Catholic education and formation that is uniquely and wonderfully given in the home, the domestic church. I see where our son's serious allergy led to a lifestyle that could lead to the very benefit and further salvation of each soul in this family. Perhaps our son's allergy has saved his own soul from what corruption he may have daily been exposed to that would have had far worse eternal consequences than even the peanut allergy, as deadly as it is. God has his way, and we pray for the graces always that our eyes and ears and hearts are open to his voice and we have the courage to follow where he is leading us.


Esther said...

Very interesting post Denise! I'm glad homeschooling worked for your family.
God bless,

Denise said...

Thanks for reading it Esther; I've added a short update, my further reflections on it.


scmom said...

I also have a son with life-threatening peanut (and tree nut) allergies and his allergies definitely influenced my decision to homeschool! It is wonderful to know that I don't have to trust someone else with his life.

Denise said...

That allergy can be such an anxiety - but, as they grow older and seem more aware of how to deal with it more indepently, it helps relieve some of that worry. Of course, as mothers, this will always somewhat worry us!

It is so good to know we can transmit a quality education to our children within the goodness of the home.

God bless! Have a great homeschooling year! Your children are adorable - the big boys..and that little one in "the pink" in front of that clothesline!